4 Ways To Refresh Your Organization’s Brand

4 Ways To Refresh Your Organization’s Brand

Sep 2022

4 Ways To Refresh Your Organization’s Brand

Whether you want to improve quality or need to update with the times, you can always find aspects of your business that could use a refresh. One area that many people tend to forget about is their brand image. Too many companies pick something out early on and stick with it forever. This is usually not the best idea. Instead, you should refresh your organization’s brand. Here are a few ways to go about it.

Change Up the Font

Many people never really notice it, but every brand has a specific font or two that they like to use within their branding. Most of them are pretty generic, but some can be rather eye-catching. If you think that not enough people are even looking at your branding material, you might want to change the font to grab their attention.

Be careful not to get too crazy with it, though. Some fonts aren’t very legible, especially at a distance. You can adjust the lettering sizes and colors to try to remedy this issue. However, most of the time, it’s better just to pick out a font that’s easier to read.

Pick Out a Different Style

Of course, your brand’s style extends much further than the fonts you choose. The layout, colors, and graphics on your promotional materials are all essential aspects of your branding. The combination of all of these is what effectively makes up your style. While this might seem minor, it has a huge effect on how people view your company.

Something as simple as a website home page that’s not aesthetically pleasing could send potential customers running from your site. You may decide to make small adjustments or large-scale changes to your style. Either way, this might be just the refresh your company’s brand needs.

Design a New Logo

Arguably, the most important aspect of a brand is the logo. This is the element that’s instantly recognizable and is how many people identify your company. If it’s not memorable, that’s a clear sign that a revamp is necessary.

The trouble with changing your logo is that you’ll need to redo everything that has your old one on it afterward. Business storefront signs are some of the hardest to change due to the expenses involved in creating new ones. Fortunately, that’s something the team here at Atlanta Customs Signs can help you with.

Rewrite Your Message

Whether your company has a slogan, mission statement, or some other message it portrays to the public, you might need to rework it. It’s the final part of your brand to consider. These types of messages exist to sway the buyer’s emotions. So many consumers make purchases based on how they feel instead of what they think. If you can develop a message that can play off these emotions, you’ll see a noticeable increase in your sales.


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