5 Benefits of Point of Purchase Displays

5 Benefits of Point of Purchase Displays

Nov 2019

5 Benefits of Point of Purchase Displays

Point of purchase displays are really effective tools for boosting revenue. If you manage a retail store in Atlanta, GA, you need to do everything you can to increase your revenue. Competition is tough in a city like Atlanta so even a small thing like a point of purchase display can make a big difference. If you run a store and are wondering if a point of purchase display is right for you, but still aren’t quite sure, this article can help. Here are five benefits of point of purchase displays.

1. They Provide Important Wayfinding

We don’t think of point of purchase displays as wayfinding signs, but in a way, they kind of are. They help customers find their way to the checkout. You can sell the best products in your category in all of Georgia, but if your customers can’t find your cashiers, you’re not going to make much money. Point of purchase displays make your checkout areas much more prominent and in this way they can increase sales.


2. They Can Incorporate A Product Display

Point of purchase displays don’t just increase sales generally by helping people find the checkout counters. They can boost sales of specific products. Many point of purchase displays have product displays built into them. This way, when people notice the point of purchase display on their way to the checkout, they also notice the products displayed inside it.


3. They Increase Impulse Buys

The products displayed inside a point of purchase display are generally inexpensive and lightweight. You want a product that people can buy without really thinking about it. We call these “impulse buys” because shoppers can pick them up impulsively; they don’t need to research them first. For example, a grocery store in Marietta might include chocolate bars, chips, or gum as part of their point of purchase display and this will increase the sales of these items.


But it’s not just grocery stores, drugstores, and convenience stores than can benefit from point of purchase displays. Any retail store can. Let’s say you manage a clothing store in Decatur. You can boost sales by including products such as belts, gloves, bracelets, socks, or other inexpensive items in your point of purchase display.


4. They Are Portable

Point of purchase displays are often fairly lightweight. If they include a product display case that is full of heavy products, you might want to remove those products first, but generally, you can move these displays around. That way, if you move where your checkout is or want to highlight a different cash register, you can simply move your point of purchase display.


5. They Are Inexpensive

Not only can point of purchase displays fulfill all the functions listed above, but they can do it on the cheap. Point of purchase displays give business owners a great chance to boost revenue and they can do so for a minimal outlay. Point of purchase displays are rarely expensive, so you don’t have to break the bank for these benefits.


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