5 Tips to Make Your Trade Show Display Really Stand Out

5 Tips to Make Your Trade Show Display Really Stand Out

Jan 2020

5 Tips to Make Your Trade Show Display Really Stand Out

There are many trade shows all over Georgia at any given time. If you’ve never before managed a business that participated in trade shows, you might not be aware of their importance. Some Atlanta-area businesses live and die by their trade shows. They are hugely important for a variety of reasons and you really can’t afford to have a bad trade show. To ensure that you have a successful trade show, you need an effective trade show display. Here are five tips to make your trade show display really stand out.


1. Use Retractable Banners

All trade show displays are different. All spaces are different and each industry has its own expectations and customs. Having said all that, we at Atlanta Custom Signs have not seen a trade show yet for which retractable banners didn’t work. Banners are lightweight and relatively inexpensive, so they’re perfect for trade show displays. But even though they’re easily portable, traditional banners require something from which to hang. You can’t always count on that.


That is why banners that come with their own stands are a brilliant idea for trade show displays. You don’t have to rely on the space around you to display your expertly designed, eye-catching banners. Retractable banner stands are even better. With these, your banner can retract into the stand. This makes them more durable and more portable.


2. Leave No Space Unbranded

You’re not decorating a sitting room; you’re crafting a trade show display. It’s OK to be a little over the top, even a little ostentatious. Nobody but you and your team is going to be spending a lot of time in there. When people are at your trade show booth, you want them to know it. Never pass up an opportunity to remind people what your business is called and what you’re all about. This means using branded table throws, table banners, posters, flags, vinyl decals, and, of course, business cards.


3. Go High Tech

Depending upon your budget and your set-up, it might be worth it to invest in an electronic, even a digital sign. The human eye is attracted to movement. A dynamic digital sign is going to grab people’s attention and draw them toward your trade show display. Dynamic digital displays are also great because you can reprogram them. If your services or products are different from last year, you don’t have to buy a whole new sign. You can just reprogram your digital sign.


4. Make Sure Everything Goes Together

If you have accumulated trade show signage over the years, you better make sure they all go together. You can’t have trade show signage with your old logo or color scheme on it. You have to make sure that all of your trade show display goes together in terms of font, color scheme, general aesthetic, and, of course, content.


5. Consult With Atlanta Custom Signs

Not sure if you’ve thought of everything? Get in touch with us. We know all the tricks to make captivating and professional-looking trade show displays. To learn more about your trade show display options, please get in touch with us either at our website or by calling us at 470-355-8170.


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