6 Benefits of Electronic Signs

6 Benefits of Electronic Signs

Jan 2020

6 Benefits of Electronic Signs

When deciding what kind of signage you need for your Atlanta, GA, business, you have a few questions you have to ask yourself. How much do you want to spend? Which signs do you really want to stand out? What are the conditions that will surround your sign? Where do you want to install your sign? And there are more questions. One question you have to ask is whether or not you want an electronic sign. An electronic sign will cost more than a static sign of the same size. But electronic signs are often worth the added investment. Here are six benefits of electronic signs.

1. Increased Visibility

Perhaps the biggest benefit of any electronic sign is that it has superior visibility to non-electronic signs. Electronic signs are brighter and can be seen from further away. Indoors, they stand out among all the other visual stimuli in your place of business. Outdoors, electronic signs really shine. Both figuratively and literally. They can be seen by people far away, thus generating more impressions. But they can also be seen at night, in fog, and in the rain; circumstances in which non-electronic signs can be invisible.


2. Movement Catches The Eye

The human eye is drawn to movement. We are hardwired to notice things that move. If you walk past the same static sign every day, you’re unlikely to continue to take notice of it. But if that sign moves? You’ll probably look at it every day. This can even apply to the minimal buzz of a neon or fluorescent sign. But the effect is really pronounced when you use a digital electronic sign. Then you can program any kind of movement you want into the sign to capture Atlantans’ attention.


3. Digital Electronic Signs Can Be Repurposed

Another advantage of digital signs is that they’re surprisingly cost effective. You might not think this because they cost more than analog signs. But not only do digital electronic signs generate more impressions, they can be repurposed over time in a way that other signs can’t. If you ever change the name of your business, change what products you sell, what services you render, your sale items, your daily specials, or anything else, you can simply program these changes into your digital sign. This negates the need to buy a whole new sign which would be far more expensive to do.


4. Electronic Signs Demonstrate Success

Electronic signs are glitzy and flashy. By having an electronic sign, you’re communicating to the public that your business is successful. Not only can you afford to invest in an electronic sign, but your information is so important that it necessitates an electronic sign.


5. Electronic Signs Give You More Visual Options

You can play with more shades, hues, and intensities with an electronic sign. With a digital sign, you could program an endless combination of words and images into your sign.


6. You Have Different Material Options

With an electronic sign you can use neon tubes, fluorescent tubes, LED bulbs, or you can use an LCD screen for a digital electronic sign.


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