6 Different Types of Wall Coverings

6 Different Types of Wall Coverings

Apr 2019

6 Different Types of Wall Coverings

Wall coverings can be used to serve several different purposes. You can install a wall covering to let people know where they are or to indicate places where they may want to go. You can install a wall covering to let people know what your business is and what you do. You can install a wall covering to promote your brand or to advertise a specific product or service. Or you can install a wall covering to cover up that hole in the wall from the Christmas party when Pam got a little rowdy after a little too much mulled wine. (But honestly, there are better uses of wall covering than that.) Wall coverings are nothing if not versatile. Here are six different types of wall coverings that could be useful to your Atlanta business, office, or institution.


  1. Vinyl Wall Coverings

Vinyl wall coverings are one of the most popular types of wall coverings. You can have your logo, motto, a photo of your product, or anything, really, digitally printed on a vinyl wall covering. High quality vinyl wall coverings come with a protective overlaminate, which ensures that your wall covering will last longer and will stay looking vibrant and sharp for years to come.


  1. Digitally Printed Wallpapers

Wallpaper, too, can be used as an effective form of wall covering. When we say wallpaper, we don’t mean that awful, yellowed, floral wallpaper your aunt Edith has had in her bathroom since 1976. We mean stylish, eye-catching, and effective digitally printed wallpaper. What can you get printed on digitally printed wallpaper? Well, your imagination is really your only limit. A repeating pattern of a company logo and/or motto is a popular choice.


  1. Textured Wallpaper

Sometimes two dimensions are simply not enough dimensions to really get your point across. That’s where textured wallpaper can help. Digitally printed textured wallpaper can give you an effect that classic wallpaper cannot.


  1. Aluminum Signs

Wallpapers can be great . . . for indoor use. They’re not much use to you outdoors, though. What do you do if you need a wall covering for the outside of your Atlanta business or building? Well, an aluminum sign should do the trick. Aluminum wall coverings are ideal for outdoor use because of their strength and durability. Aluminum signs are typically 0.40-0.80” thick with a protective enamel finish. Aluminum wall coverings can come in any color, with reflective and graphic options available.


  1. Dibond Signs

You may not have heard the term “dibond sign”, but this type of wall coverings is fairly common. Dibond signs consist of aluminum panels around a plastic core. Dibond signs are lightweight wall coverings and this makes them easy to install, but also extremely durable. Dibond signs have all the customization potential of aluminum, butare more rigid.


  1. Alumalite Signs

Alumalite signs are as useful as wall coverings as “alumalite” is fun to say. (Go ahead, try it.) Alumalite consists of a corrugated plastic core with two aluminum panels. Alumalite signs are extremely lightweight wall coverings, can be printed on both sides, and make an excellent alternative to wood.


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