6 FAQs about Custom Floor Graphics

6 FAQs about Custom Floor Graphics

Oct 2019

6 FAQs about Custom Floor Graphics

Custom floor graphics are a little bit unorthodox. You don’t see them everywhere. But that’s partially what can make custom floor graphics so effective. They can generate impressions merely because we rarely expect to see graphics on the floor. But you have to make sure that your Atlanta, GA, business or organization has the right space for custom floor graphics and can get the most out of them. To figure that out, you have to know a little something about custom floor graphics first. Here are six frequently asked questions about custom floor graphics.


1. What Are Custom Floor Graphics Made Of?

A “floor graphic” could be any graphic you find on the floor. In the broadest sense of the term, my five year old likes to make custom floor graphics on the sidewalk with chalk. But when we’re talking about signage, a custom floor graphic is typically made of vinyl. Custom floor graphics are essentially vinyl decals that you adhere to the ground.


2. Can Custom Floor Graphics Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors?

Either! It all depends on where you need your custom floor graphics. The real question is on what type of floor surface do you want to install your custom floor graphic?


3. What Surfaces Can Custom Floor Graphics Be Applied To?

Custom floor graphics can be applied to a number of different floor surfaces. Some of these include floor tiles (ceramic and otherwise), hardwood flooring, parquet floors, marble, and more. Outside, custom floor graphics often have to adhere to rougher surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete.


4. Won’t Custom Floor Graphics Get Damaged Pretty Quickly?

As long as you have high quality custom floor graphics designed and installed by signage experts, then no. High quality custom floor graphics are scuff and scratch resistant, Even in areas with heavy foot traffic, you can count on your custom floor graphics looking good for a long time.


5. Are Custom Floor Graphics Slippery?

A lot of business owners in Atlanta, GA, are worried that custom floor graphics might be slippery. The last thing business owners want is their customers slipping and getting hurt. And worse still, suing them for it. But they need not worry with the custom floor graphics that we manufacture at Atlanta Custom Signs. Our floor graphics are not slippery.


6. Are Custom Floor Graphics Expensive?

No, custom floor graphics are an inexpensive form of signage. Of course, the cost of your particular custom floor graphic will depend on the size you want and the intricacy of the design of your graphic, but you don’t need to break the bank to get a high quality custom floor graphic. They present an inexpensive way to brand the lobby of your business, to present wayfinding signage in an unorthodox manner, to market your products or services, or even for a temporary event, such as a tradeshow. You can do all these things and more with custom floor graphics, so . . . what are you waiting for?


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