6 Reasons to Use an Awning Sign

6 Reasons to Use an Awning Sign

Nov 2019

6 Reasons to Use an Awning Sign

Signs and awnings. Businesses need one but do they need the other? All businesses need signs. Open and Closed signs, Enter and Exit signs, Hours of Operation Signs, Point of Purchase Displays, Restroom Signs, Wayfinding Signs, and many more, depending on what type of business that your run. But what about awnings? Does every business need an awning? No they don’t. But many businesses, especially ones here in and around Atlanta, GA, could really benefit from having an awning. Here are six reasons to use an awning sign.


1. If You Already Have An Awning . . . Why Not Install A Sign?

If your business already has an awning, you can pretty much skip some of these other entries below. We don’t need to convince you of the merits of having an awning. But if you do have an awning but don’t have an awning sign, then, what are you doing? That’s just wasted space. Put your business’s name on it, a telephone number, a company motto, a graphic, or even just a “Thank you for your business” missive. Otherwise, you’re not making the most of your awning.


2. Awnings Make For Good Patios

If you manage a business with a patio, you pretty much need an awning (and/or large parasols over the tables). Whether you manage a restaurant in Atlanta, a café in Decatur, a pub in Marietta, or any other type of establishment with a patio or deck, you need an awning to shelter your patrons from the occasionally harsh weather that we get in Georgia.

3. Awnings Can Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Awning can also benefit businesses that don’t have patios. They can keep the sun off your business, thus keeping everything cool. They also protect the facade of your store or business from sun bleaching and rain damage.


4. Awning Signs Make Your Business Identifiable

Above are some good reasons to install an awning. And if you have an awning, you might as well have a sign. A sign on your awning can establish the name of your business, identify it to passersby, and make it easier for people who are trying to find your business to actually find it.


5. Awning Signs Brand Spaces

Awning signs can brand the area underneath and around them as belonging to your business. Imagine the Decatur café we mentioned above. It’s not always clear which tables belong to which business and some people might come and sit at your table without having purchased anything from you. An awning sign let’s everybody know that this space is yours.


6. Awning And Signs Can Create An Ambience

The color and font you choose for your awning sign, along with any patterns, can really set a mood. Awnings aren’t just functional, they are also aesthetic choices and the same is true of signs. The right awning sign can complement your style and decor excellently. It can make your business look more quaint, more professional, fancier, more established, or pretty much any other way you want it to look.


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