6 Signs to Consider for Your Atlanta Storefront

6 Signs to Consider for Your Atlanta Storefront

Jul 2019

6 Signs to Consider for Your Atlanta Storefront

Business is competitive in a big city like Atlanta; it can be tough to stand out. This isn’t just true for Atlanta itself, but even nearby areas such as Marietta, Chamblee, Decatur, and other places. Stores need to do everything they can. But gigantic billboards over I-285, a blitz of radio and television ads, and putting flyers in every Atlantan’s mail box is not within the budget of most business. But that’s OK, because you can stand out just by having an attractive storefront. But to do that, you need the right signage. Here are six signs to consider for your Atlanta storefront.

1. Address Signs

Address signs are an important part of your storefront signage system. Address signs allow you to stand out and communicate your brand. Stand out by using different colors, different fonts, or a different shape of sign from every other storefront on your street. And you can stay on brand with an address sign by using the same color scheme, as well as little touches, such as spelling out your address if your business has an air of professionalism to it.

2. Awning Signs

Awnings are important for many storefronts because they can keep the rain off customers on any patio as well as protect your storefront from the harsh Atlanta summer sun. Awnings are also a great place for a storefront sign. With an awning sign you can identify your business, brand the area in front of your store, and add other information, such as hours of operation or a company slogan.

3. Projecting Business Signs

Projecting business signs are great for businesses located on busy streets. Many storefront signs project their message straight forward, so you have to be directly in front of or across the street from the storefront to really see them. Projecting business signs project outwards from the storefront and display a sign on either side. Thus, if you have store located on the north side of the street, a projecting business sign will allow drivers and pedestrians going east or west to identify your storefront at a distance.

4. Roof Signs

Not all businesses are able to put signs on their roofs. But those that can should consider it. Roof signs can be a bold and highly visible way to identify your business. This can make them a valuable form of storefront sign.

5. Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs play a similar role as the projecting business sign. They allow for increased visibility and create more impressions by people walking across your storefront. Sidewalk signs are double-sided and can display a fixed sign or graphics or use a chalkboard or whiteboard background, allowing you to change it whenever necessary. These are very popular options for Atlanta restaurants and bars so they can advertise daily specials.

6. Vertical Signs

Sometimes it just makes more sense to go up. Vertical signs are a great form of storefront sign when space is limited. Vertical signs are very popular for businesses that run out of tall buildings and that are close to other tall buildings. That is why you can see so many vertical signs in downtown Atlanta on hotels, for example.

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