A Great Form of Advertising and Promotion that you’re Probably Overlooking

A Great Form of Advertising and Promotion that you’re Probably Overlooking

Apr 2019

A Great Form of Advertising and Promotion that You're Probably Overlooking

Businesses big and small are always looking for ways to get the most bang for their advertising buck. But they’re also always looking for ways to be more creative with their advertising. You can hire an advertising agency to come up with the most creative, weird, and unorthodox television or radio commercial, but that would be expensive. And it may not work. But there are ways you can be creative with your advertising simply by utilizing a different medium on which to advertise. And one creative and relatively inexpensive form of advertising is a wall mural.


Wall Murals

Of all the many, many, many, types of visual media, why should you choose a wall mural to advertise or promote your brand? Well, you can (and should) use multiple types of media to advertise, of course. But wall murals can be very valuable. First, wall murals are unique. No two murals are the same, so you stand out as unique, different, and creative. And creativity is key. You don’t need an ornate wall mural to be effective; you don’t have to recreate the Bayeux Tapestry. You can go minimalist if you want, or go all out. Your limitations are only the wall space with which you have to work and your imagination.


Uses For Wall Murals

There are many different types of businesses and institutions in the Atlanta area that can use a wall mural. Such instances where a wall mural can be very beneficial include:

  • Restaurants and Bars: Bars, pubs, night clubs, and restaurants can all benefit greatly from a wall mural. The wall mural gives them a unique look. Wall murals are a great way to set a tone and create a vibe. Wall murals can help build the atmosphere you want. They also help as identifiers. If patrons can’t remember the name of your establishment, they can always refer to you as, “That place with the cool wall mural”.
  • To create unity and establish a company motto –Wall murals don’t have to be about advertising to prospective customers and clients. They can also be very useful when used internally. You can boost company morale, motivate your office workers, remind employees of the great place that they work, or keep your mission statement or company motto fresh in everybody’s minds all the time.
  • To foster a good environment – Wall murals can also be very useful in lobbies and receptions. They can put guests at ease and communicate something about your business. In a pediatrician’s office, for example, a fun, colorful wall mural can help put the children in the reception at ease and help to create a fun, easygoing environment.
  • To bring together a community – Wall murals are not just the remit of for-profit organizations. Schools, community centers, not-for-profit organizations, and churches can all benefit from wall murals. Commission a wall mural that is representative of your community and which promotes inclusiveness, and your guests and prospective guests will feel more comfortable and more invested in what you do.

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We have really only skimmed the surface of what wall murals can do. If you would like to get a wall mural for your Atlanta-area business or organization, please contact us. You can visit our website or call us at 470-355-8170.


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