What are Address Signs?

Making your establishment clearly identifiable is critical for daily operations. Address signs provide the distinct information, which differentiates your establishment from all the others on the surrounding block. It is not enough to simply display the name of your establishment – many people need to locate a business not by its name but rather its address. This does not simply apply to customers themselves. Rather, taxi drivers, delivery trucks, and couriers (to name a few) depend on a clear, distinct address sign, and the address can serve as the key point of identification.

Our team at Atlanta Custom Signs can help you customize an address sign for your business so that you can be seen from afar, day or night. People sometimes wonder why they should bother making a customized address sign. However, the devil is often in the details, and choosing an address sign that fits with your brand creates a seamless impression for your clients. Elements like font, size, medium, color, and the type of numeral are all adaptable to your needs. We can help you choose a design for your address sign that will guarantee to be seen by your patrons.

Types of Address Signs

Reflective Address Signs

Decorative and ornamental lawn signs that reflect the lights from passing traffic to make your home address visible.

Illuminated Address Signs

An LED electric Address numbers that must be affixed to the outside wall of your house or garage.

Home Address Signs

Basic home address signs show off the simplicity in the home and out.

House number signs

Custom metal house numbers or address plaques add elegance, personality, and a sense of permanence.

Address Signs Features

Easy to Install

All our Signs are pre-spaced and pre-masked, allowing installation in a matter of minutes

Made to Last

Cut from a sheet of durable 2-mil vinyl, your Address Signs will last 10+ years of outdoor use with no fading or cracking.

No Damage to Paint or Window

This lettering uses an adhesive that is safe for use on the windows and walls and will not cause damage when properly removed.

UV Resistant and Waterproof

Come rain or shine, your Address Signs have been designed to withstand the elements while maintaining its vibrant color and quality.

Why Address Signs?

Enhance your curb appeal with our custom numbers and update your look with a modern touch. Did you know that your house address is the DNA to your home? It’s a vital component because it allows for emergency services to locate your home when you are in crisis. Let us help you add a small detail to your home by choosing the font that best suits your home’s style. We recommend the “Birds of Paradise” script for the contemporary home and the “Edwardian” script for those who like a suave look. The commercial script is a bold weight of a moderately flourished classic look that will appeal to any style of home. Lastly, our “Snell Roundhand” script is our most casual script. Our custom numbers come with stand-offs and recess off the wall a quarter inch to give it an off-the-wall look. The signs are CNC machined from 1/4 inch black gloss Cast Acrylic as it has a glass smooth finish and is more resistant to extreme weather and temperatures. You have a choice of ordering either 6 inch, 7 inch or 8 inch in height signs. We recommend using 6 inch signs for above your door and in smaller spaces. 7 inch signs are recommended for a single car garage and the 8 inch height is standard for double car garages or greater. You do not want your custom address sign to over-power the look of your home rather it is meant to compliment it. If you require 9 inch in height signs or greater please contact us.

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