Advantages of Custom LED Signage for Your Business

Advantages of Custom LED Signage for Your Business

Oct 2021

Advantages of Custom LED Signage for Your Business

When you’re running a small company, using relevant signage can make or break your business. You can’t expect people to be interested in your products or services if they don’t know who you are or where you’re located. However, not all signs are created equally. Some are objectively better than others. That’s why we’re going to cover the advantages of custom LED signage; we personally believe it to be one of the best.

Longevity of the Sign

If you’ve ever talked about LED signs with another business owner, they’ve likely talked about how they’ve never had to get their LEDs replaced. This is because LED bulbs last for up to 100,000 hours—which is around 11 years! Even if a bulb or two burns out before then, it’s barely noticeable, since the bulbs are so small. All this leads to a lot less maintenance, which saves you time to do more important things.

Ultimate Savings

Time is money, as they say—and LED saves a lot of it. When you use LEDs to power your sign, you won’t have to maintain it as frequently. They also don’t use as much energy or create as much heat, which will keep your air conditioning usage down. These aspects will make the initial cost not as bad as it first may seem.

Level of Customization

The best part of using LED signs is how customizable they are. While you can put whatever you want on a printed sign, you need to make a new one any time you want to change it. When you use LED signs, all you have to do is update them. Plus, you can have moving pictures or videos. If this sounds like a feature that you’d be interested in, be sure to take a look at the custom LED signage options we have available on our website.

Many Color and Brightness Options

Not only are the lights in LED signs much brighter than incandescent or fluorescent, but they’re more vibrant, too. Any color you want will be available through their RGB capabilities. (While you can get colors with other signs, there aren’t as many options, and you can’t change them as quickly.)

LEDs can be shine brightly for long periods of time. Compare this to other types of bulbs, which slowly dim over time. An LED sign will always look its best until the day it finally dies.

Broader Appeal

The final advantage of custom LED signage is how your customers will view it. LED signs are modern and eye-catching. Young people, in particular, are drawn more towards companies that actively show that they can stay current and updated. LEDs will attract more people to your business.