Are Car Wraps a Good Marketing Investment?

Are Car Wraps a Good Marketing Investment?

Apr 2021

Are Car Wraps a Good Marketing Investment?

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Are car wraps a good marketing investment?” Let us answer that question for you with a story. Imagine a person is driving home from work, thinking about all the things they need to do when they get home that day—one of them attempting to fix that pesky, leaky sink again. Then, all of the sudden, a truck with the name and number of your plumbing business passes them on the road, and in an instant, their problem is solved. They quickly ask Google to call your service to set up an appointment. Well, we’re here to tell you that this daydream can very easily become a reality.

If that short story wasn’t enough to convince you, however, read on and hear us out on why car wraps are a good marketing investment for your company.


Return on Investment (ROI) is by far one of the most important aspects to consider when creating a marketing campaign. If an ad isn’t bringing in new customers, then it is hurting the company financially. A recent study was done to find out which ad campaign types cost the most per thousand impressions. Here are the results of that study:

  • Outdoor Signage Ads: $3.56
  • Radio Ads: $7.75
  • Newspaper Ads: $19.70
  • Magazine Ads: $21.46
  • TV Ads: $23.70
  • Vehicle Advertising Wraps: $0.35

No, that last one wasn’t a typo. It only costs $0.35 per thousand impressions to do vehicle advertising wraps. That’s over 10 times cheaper than the second cheapest option on that list.

If that number still seems too good to be true, let us explain to you why that is. Unlike all the other options in that list, car wraps are a one-time payment. The other options all have to be paid for multiple times to keep them active, whereas once the wrap is on your car, that’s it—it’s done and paid for. Sure, you might have to pay for upkeep, but doing that on rare occasions is way cheaper than paying every time your video ad shows up on TV.


No matter what it looks like, car wraps make your vehicle extremely recognizable in the same way that everybody turns to look at a bright yellow Corvette on the highway. It stands out from the crowd. The majority of cars on the road are black, grey, white, or red, so when a different set of colors goes rolling by, people are much more likely to take notice. More likely than not, a car wrap with multiple hues in its color scheme will get the same type of looks.

Colors aren’t the only way to go, however. If someone were to mention the company with giant baseball caps on top of their trucks, there’s a good chance you would immediately know they’re referring to NAPA. Try to have fun with it! See if there’s something you can do for your company to help your vehicles stand out on the road.

Either route you take, you will have a car wrap that’s unique from every other car on the road, which will lead to more eyes and hopefully more sales; however, make sure the info on your car is legible. Most viewers won’t have the luxury of sitting at a stoplight to read the fine print, so make sure you visit Atlanta Custom Signs—the preferred option for vehicle lettering in the Atlanta Georgia area.


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