Atlanta, GA Signage Zoning Regulations

Atlanta, GA Signage Zoning Regulations

Oct 2020

Atlanta, GA Signage Zoning Regulations

Puzzled by long legal text? Too busy to read several, winding documents from top to bottom? If you’ve been mulling over Atlanta, Georgia’s signage zoning regulations, this straightforward overview can help. Here’s a basic, easy-to-understand rundown of the Atlanta, GA signage zoning regulations.

Sign Permits

Sign permits, issued by the City of Atlanta, are intended to regulate the placement of signs within city limits. They aim to maintain safe operating conditions for vehicles, protect pedestrians, and reduce the amount of unsightly or offensive signage. If you’re hoping to erect signage, you’ll need to follow the procedures set in place for obtaining a sign permit.

The first step in obtaining a sign permit is submitting an application. You’ll have to complete the Sign Permit Application Packet, which is available online and submittable exclusively in person. A minimum of half the permit fees is due upon submission.

The next step is to provide your plans. Submit two, accurately scaled copies of the sign renderings, site plans, and street-front elevations. Once you have provided your application, payment, and plans, and they have been confirmed, the city begins its review process. Zoning plans can take up to thirty days to process. After the plans are approved, and you pay the remaining portion of your payment, you’ll receive your sign permit.

General Regulations

There’s a long, winding list of regulations that you’ll need to follow, but for the sake of simplicity, you can narrow most of them down. Here are some of the basic regulations that apply to business owners.

Building Signature Signs

Only current or prospective owners are permitted to erect building signature signs. Signage is only allowed on buildings larger than four stories, and only one sign is permitted per side elevation.

Signs can supersede the regular height limits but can’t take up more than five percent of the wall they’re affixed to. Walls that surround a roofing area don’t count as walls, and any signs affixed to them are subject to removal.

Billboard Signs

Billboards are exclusively permitted in industrial districts. They can’t be located within a certain range of residential areas, other billboards, interstate highways, public parks, or governmental buildings.


If signage adheres to size and height requirements, it can contain and advertise any message that’s classified as lawful.

Height and Size

According to the Atlanta, GA signage zoning regulations, signs can’t be located higher than approximately 30 feet above ground level. If the building’s ground level is lower than the surrounding street pavement, it can be raised to 20 feet above said pavement.


Signs can’t constitute a hazard. They can’t damage trees, buildings, or cause potential harm to traffic and pedestrians. To avoid confusion, flashing or changing signs aren’t allowed within a certain range of interstate highways unless they comply with specific guidelines.

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