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Decorative and functional, custom awning signs are perfect for all types of business in the Atlanta area. We’re an awning company in Atlanta that works to help you keep customers comfortable.


Georgia falls into the same climate classification category as most of the southeastern United States: humid subtropical. That means comfortable spring and autumn heat; long, steamy summers; and substantial precipitation–all of which make awning signs in Atlanta, Georgia, a natural choice for local businesses trying to keep their customers cool, comfortable, and dry.


Whether you’re trying to expand your useable space by offering outdoor seating and waiting areas, or you simply want to catch the eyes of passing motorists and those out enjoying the weather, custom awning signs for businesses are the perfect solution.


Awning signs can offer many different benefits, including:


  • Awning signs in Atlanta, Georgia, offer effective advertising, with eye-catching displays whose drawing power goes above-and-beyond traditional text signs
  • Comfort for patrons inside your building, as awning signs block hot sun and glare
  • Dry and shaded outdoor seating, even in inclement weather
  • Protection for your building from rain, hail, snow, and harmful UV rays.


Create Custom Awning Signs in Atlanta, GA


Atlanta Custom Signs offers an array of custom store awning signs for businesses, with many different options and features available. When it comes to size, color, graphics, and style, you are only limited by your imagination.


Our commercial awning design team in Atlanta works closely with every client to develop their dream awning sign and canopy sign throughout the Atlanta area. Utilizing the best materials, cutting-edge equipment, and fresh design concepts, we bring your vision to life in a way that complements your unique location, aesthetic, and brand.


To learn more about how custom awning and canopy signs can help you brand and expand, call 470-355-8170. We offer free consultations for all businesses in the Atlanta area.

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