Business Signage Tips for the Holidays

Business Signage Tips for the Holidays

Nov 2020

Business Signage Tips for the Holidays

The period spanning from November to the new year—the holiday quarter—draws millions of shoppers and drives anywhere from 20% to 40% of retailer’s sales.

This all-important shopping season is one of the best times to market your brand. A pivotal component of your holiday campaign is your business’ interior and exterior signage.

To get the most out of this busy, festive season, read up on these business signage tips for the holidays.

Get Creative

You’re not the only business marketing during the holiday season. To stand out from your competitor’s glitzy, glamorous campaigns, you’ll have to get creative.

Try making use of non-traditional elements, like sequin panels, 3-D cutouts, floor decals, or magnetic receptive graphics.

Don’t let your brand get lost in the sparkles, pom-poms, and other fancy design elements. By incorporating familiar fonts, colors, and other brand-specific qualities, customers will be able to identify your business with a fleeting glance.

Provide Direction

During the holiday season, the stores are packed—not just with customers, but with ornaments, toys, and other season-specific goods.

It’s not always easy for customers to find what they need. Being lost in your store for hours on end can negatively affect their shopping experience.

By installing directional signage, you’ll make shopping fast, efficient, and hassle-free. Have the signs point to key displays, popular items, and other areas with heavy traffic.

Play on Emotions

Another business signage tip for the holidays is to create a strong, emotional between you and your customers.

Emotions help to drive sales. So, stir up nostalgia with familiar imagery and phrases.

Include the lyrics to an old, classic holiday song, or have pictures of families gathered around a warm, burning fireplace and a beautifully decorated tree. Try to remind them of happy memories and the fun times they’ve spent with friends and family.

If you manage to foster a deep, personal connections with your customers, they’re more likely to remember your brand and purchase your products.

Bigger is Better

‘Tis the season for the big, bright, and bold! Rather than shying away from the holiday cheer, embrace it.

Decorate your store for the upcoming holidays with wreaths, ornaments, and, you guessed it—festive holiday signage.

With Thanksgiving approaching, include classic images of family togetherness, grand feasts, and turkeys.

For Hannukah, you can incorporate images of a menorah and dreidel. Christmas comes with more variety. You can add ornaments, trees, reindeers, Santa and his elves, presents, and everyone’s favorite ugly sweaters.

If you want a simple, minimalist look, focus on the color. Warm red and orange tones represent the fall, while red and green are the clear choice for late-season festivities.

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