Choosing the Right Material for Outdoor Banners

Choosing the Right Material for Outdoor Banners

Jul 2021

Choosing the Right Material for Outdoor Banners

One of the best ways to advertise your business outside is with banners. Whether they’re right outside of your place of business or in a strategic spot to catch the eye of passersby, banners have many positive qualities. However, when choosing which one you want to use, you need to know more than what you’re going to put on it. You also need to decide on the fabric you’re going to use. If you’re unsure of what your options are, then check out our guide on choosing the right material for outdoor banners.

Cloth Banners

We’ll start with the worst option for outdoor banners. Cloth offers a light and flexible way to show off what your store has to offer. It also has an inviting aesthetic that might go perfectly with your brand image. The reason why they’re not the best choice for the outdoors is that they don’t hold up well against the elements. Both rain and wind can destroy the banner over time, but even if you put it in an area protected from those, the sun can cause it to fade over time. Despite that, they can last for over a year outside, but they are better suited for indoor use.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners come in two different varieties: 13 oz and 18 oz. The lighter of the two is more common and found on almost every billboard you pass on the road. Vinyl banners are so popular because they are incredibly durable in the outside weather and have a clearer image quality than other options. While the 13 oz version is the go-to choice, if you want your banner to be as strong as possible, you should spring for the 18 oz version.

Mesh Banners

While vinyl holds up against all weather fairly well, you might want to go with a mesh banner if the wind is your biggest issue. Seventy percent of one of these banners is made with an 8 oz PVC material, whereas the remaining 30 percent is just empty space. This allows wind to easily pass through, keeping the banner from flapping in the breeze as easily. The only downside to this is the holes can make it difficult to read when up close, but mesh banners are perfectly legible from a distance.

Still Unsure?

After reading through our guide on choosing the right material for outdoor banners, it’s okay if you are still unsure which one will be the best choice for your circumstances. If you are looking for outdoor banners in the Atlanta area, reach out to us. We will have some more insight that will help you narrow down which option is best for you.


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