Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Signage

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Signage

Aug 2020

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Signage

Even though many businesses are currently focusing on internet marketing and growing their web presence, there is still room for traditional marketing strategies. Offline marketing is still important and still works once you get people in the door. When done right, signs still remain one of the best ways to get a buyer’s attention. However, there are several common mistakes to avoid when designing signage. Learning how to avoid these mistakes will make sure your sign is on brand and on point.

Overly Decorative Fonts

Using a font that is too busy is a common mistake to avoid when designing signage. Looking at delicate, ornate writing is fun when it’s your name on a diploma or wedding invitation. Calligraphy is appropriate for those instances, but not for a large sign on a wall or rooftop. Keep the fonts simple and easy to read, no matter how far away the viewer is. You want people to read your sign and not dismiss it because they can’t read it properly.

Improper Spacing

Spacing is important for readability too. Trying to cram too much onto a sign will make it look sloppy, and overall, it will be less effective. Leave plenty of space on the sign, so words and lines can stand out. You should pay the same attention to any graphics on the sign. An equal amount of blank space should border the sign.

Improper Contrast

There are complementary colors that look similar and contrasting colors that don’t. Always use contrasting colors on your sign. When the background of the sign and the lettering use similar colors, the words get washed out and become hard to see. Contrasting colors will bring the wording and images to the foreground where they belong.

Poor Eye Movement

Eye movement refers to the way the eye moves around a sign. There is a focal point in every sign that instantly draws the eye in. Then, the eye moves to the other images and words in the sign. Don’t use a focal point with an arrow pointing towards the sky next to it. The next thing the viewer will do is look up, away from the sign. Keep the viewer’s eye on the sign, moving around it in clocklike fashion.

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