Custom Signs in Atlanta

Custom Signs in Atlanta

May 2019

Custom Signs in Atlanta

We have a tendency to view signs as very functional, utilitarian, even one-dimensional (OK, actually two-dimensional) objects. But this is a mistake. It’s either our mistake for not seeing the true potential of signage, or it is the fault of whoever commissioned and/or designed the sign for not exploring all the possibilities a sign presents. If you want your Atlanta-area business or organization to be more than just functional, utilitarian, and one-dimensional, then you need to explore your customization options when it comes to signage.


Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

We see signs everyday; at work, on the roads, in shop windows, etc. We often don’t think much of these signs beyond registering the text information on them. Or, more accurately, we don’t consciously register anything other than the text. But the truth is, signs can influence how we think and feel in ways that we are not even aware of. These aren’t subliminal messages per se, they are just subtle cues that we intuitively understand.

The font of the text on a sign, text size, text color, background color, borders, shading, patterns, the physical dimensions of the sign, and, of course, any graphics or imaging on a sign, can tell us a lot about the business or organization that commissioned the custom-made signs. Custom signs can communicate a lot of these subtleties, even when the text information is dry. Take wayfinding signage, for example. There’s not a lot of personality you can put into a “Restroom” sign with an arrow, right? Well, maybe not as much personality as in other types of signs. But consider all the signage together. Restroom signs, lobby signs, reception desk signs, stairs signs, elevator signs, etc. If they are all made of the same material, with the same layout, and the same font, then this at the very least communicates that the business in question is professional, uniform, and has go their act together.


Custom Signs in Atlanta

The Atlanta area is a tough market in which to stand out. There is lots of competition. That’s why you need to seize every advantage you can think of. That means getting high-quality, vibrant, custom made signs. As we’ve seen above, this can apply to the most basic forms of signage such as wayfinding signage. Imagine how creative you and your custom sign maker can get with signs such as point-of-purchase signs, wall murals, banners, floor graphics, vehicle graphics, trade show displays, or anything else you can think of?

Every business will want something unique for every kind of sign. Whatever you choose must suit your business or organization and the purpose for which you need your sign. However, regardless of how you personally want to customize your sign, there are a few universal rules you must obey. Your sign must be eye-catching; you have to get people’s attention. Your sign must be durable; poorly made signs reflect poorly on your business. And above all else, your sign must legible; don’t get carried away with graphics or patterns to the point that your text is unreadable.


Atlanta Custom Signs

If your business or organization could use some custom signs in Atlanta, then you need to contact Atlanta Custom Signs. We’d be happy to make high quality, durable, and eye-catching custom signs for you. Please reach out to us at our website or by phone at 470-355-8170.



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