Custom Wall Graphics in a Business Help You Ditch the Paint Can

Custom Wall Graphics in a Business Help You Ditch the Paint Can

Jul 2021

Custom Wall Graphics in a Business Help You Ditch the Paint Can

So, you’ve opened your new business, but that blank white wall in the back is still bothering you. You can’t seem to shake the fact that it just feels like an eyesore compared to how nice the rest of your store looks. You’ve thought about hiring an artist to paint something there, but you aren’t sure if it’ll be worth it in the end. If this scenario sounds familiar, we have the solution for you—wall graphics. The benefits to using these definitely outweigh the downsides, so be sure to keep reading to find out how custom wall graphics in a business help you ditch the paint can for good.

They Save Time and Money

Let’s start with the time aspect. Wall graphics are easy to create online and even easier to put up. Even if you have some struggles along the way, the longest wait time you’re going to have is the delivery. The other two steps take a few hours at most. On the other hand, an artist takes time to get inspired and figure out what they’re going to paint. Once they create their vision, it could take days or even weeks to finish their masterpiece, depending on the type of paint they use.

Even if they do finish relatively quickly, that brings us to the next aspect of this point: the cost. Most artists are expensive to hire, and the quicker they get the job done, the more money they’ll expect. Even if you hire a family member, they’ll probably still expect something in return for their hard work, even if they don’t say so outright. On the other hand, wall graphics are much cheaper. They vary in price depending on the size, but overall, they won’t hurt your wallet as much as a professional artist will.

They’re Easier To Replace

Depending on where they are and what they’re exposed to, wall graphics and paintings deteriorate over time. That means you will have to fix them up if you want people to appreciate them. Wall graphics are just as cheap and easy to replace as they were to install the first time. If you have a larger one that is only damaged in one section, you don’t even need to replace the whole thing; you can simply replace the damaged part.

With a painting, you either have to rehire the same person or find someone who thinks they could bring the painting back to its former glory. Unfortunately, neither is guaranteed to restore the design fully, and both will take much more time and money.

They’re Very Customizable

With wall graphics, there are a ton of customization options. You can have anything from photorealistic images to cartoon characters. 3D objects are a potential choice if you really want the wall graphic to pop. With paintings, all of that is technically possible, but you will have to find someone who specializes in that area of art, which isn’t always easy.

The one upside to a painting is that it can achieve a level of style that most computer graphics can’t. However, if that’s what you want, you could hire the artist that produces the style you’re looking for to design your wall graphic. It just might cost more than usual.

If you decide that custom wall signage is what you’re looking for after looking through our guide on how custom wall graphics in a business help you ditch the paint can, check out our website to see what we can offer you.


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