Wall Graphics & Signs in Decatur, GA

Wall Graphics & Signs in Decatur, GA

Custom Wall Graphics & Sign in Decatur, GA

Walls provide an excellent surface for graphics and signs that won’t take up space in your retail store, office, lobby, community center, or event space in Decatur.


Types of Wall Graphics & Signs in Decatur, GA

Wall graphics and signs come in different varieties. Some popular forms of wallgraphics and signs include:

  • Vinyl decals – decals and stickers are great forms of wall signs and are useful for smaller sized graphics. They are inexpensive but can only be used once; they can’t be repositioned once applied.
  • Digitally printed wallpaper – high-resolution and vivid graphics can be printed on to wallpaper, creating a potent atmosphere.
  • Wall murals –a large wall mural is a bold choice but these types of wall graphics can really inspire, motivate, create togetherness, and brand a building or space.


What are Wall Graphics & Signs for?

Wall signs can be used for directional signage,identifying the occupants of an office, and pointing out products for sale. But wall graphics can be used for promotional, branding, or decorative purposes. For example, a Mexican restaurant in Decatur could use digitally printed wallpaper that conveys scenes from rural Mexico, adding authenticity to the establishment.


Features of Wall Graphics & Signs

Wall signs that provide wayfinding or identify people or rooms could be vinyl decals, engraved plaques, or name plates. Larger wall graphics might feature drawings, cartoon characters, bubble letters, digitally printed wallpaper, or other options.


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