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Digital Electronic Signs

Looking to stand out from the competition? In the Digital Age, we’re hardwired to pay attention to digital and electronic displays


Digital and electronic message boards and custom LED signage are quickly replacing other advertising mediums. They’re powerful, flexible, and able to bring your brand to life in ways that traditional signs never could.

Electronic signs include:

  • Fluorescent signs
  • LED/LCD/HID signs


All electronic signs are “illuminant media,” which means they use light to convey their message. As such, they’re ideal for nighttime and dark areas, where they can be seen clearly at great distances. They can be static or dynamic.


Digital signs offer a number of advantages over traditional signage:


  • Digital signage has been shown to increase average customer dwell time, which increases average customer spend.
  • Electronic message boards let you harness the eye-catching power of video to keep your audience’s attention and create an entertaining in-store environment.
  • In addition to being highly engaging, interactive digital signage creates opportunities for data-driven marketing and social media growth. For example, digital signs might run promotions in which customers follow social accounts or provide their email to receive an in-store discount.
  • Digital signage effectively doubles the value of your digital marketing efforts, since existing online content can be reused on the local platform.
  • Custom LED signage saves you money and time. Compared to traditional print signage, it is much less expensive to develop new ads and promotional materials for digital screens. And simple text displays take about as much effort as social media posts.


Digital / Electronic LED Signs in Atlanta, GA


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