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Enter and exit signs are essential for making your place of business safe, efficient, and navigable.


Every business needs enter and exit signs, both to make the customer experience more convenient and to guide patrons and employees to safety in case of emergency.


Enter and Exit Sign Design Considerations


Because enter and exit signs in Atlanta, Georgia, are so important, design and installation is frequently regulated by strict fire, building, health, and safety codes.


And yet, while enter and exit signs are designed to be absolutely unmistakable, that doesn’t mean every sign must be a carbon copy. Nowadays, most enter and exit signs use a combination of pictograms and supplementary text. Our professional signage team can help you design unmistakable enter and exit signs that still align with your overall brand image.


Atlanta Custom Signs can also help you choose the right illumination technology. Since visibility is often reduced in emergency situations due to smoke or power failures, enter and exit signs must be permanently illuminated, usually by means of:


  • A phosphor coating inside a glass tube emits light due to the beta decay of radioactive tritium gas. This is not recommended in some settings. For example, radioluminescence is not permitted in US Department of Defense installations. As always, check with your enter and exit sign maker in Atlanta, Georgia, to make sure you choose appropriate designs and materials.
  • Some custom enter and exit signs use phosphorescence to stay illuminated even during power outages. Like your favorite “glow in the dark” toy, these signs absorb light, which is then slowly re-emitted in lightless conditions.
  • Electric lighting. Some enter and exit signs are powered by local rechargeable power sources, while others draw power from backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). We take the time to work with you to figure out the ideal custom enter and exit sign solution for you.


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