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Hanging Signs

When you need to send a message from a distance or stand out in a crowd, hanging signs are the obvious choice.


Since they’re typically installed above eye-level, custom outdoor hanging signs in Atlanta stay visible even in dense foot traffic, where ground-level signs get lost. Hanging perpendicular to your storefront facade, they’re impossible to miss from any direction. This prominent positioning makes hanging signs a popular tool for wayfinding, advertising, and conveying any important company information.


Hanging signs are incredibly versatile. Some possess a certain character that you can’t get anywhere else–that old-world innkeeper’s charm that perfectly suits so many artisanal brands. Others are modern and sleek, at home in hospitals, tech companies, and offices.


Whatever you want from your hanging sign, Atlanta Custom Signs can make it happen.


Designing your Custom Outdoor Hanging Sign in Atlanta, GA


There’s a lot that goes into creating a quality hanging sign package:


  • Interior versus exterior specifications
  • Type of mounting
  • Stylized brackets
  • Colors
  • Fonts


But before you do all that, you need to make sure your hanging sign is safe and compliant with all local zoning regulations. Any work done beforehand is potentially a wasted effort.


Atlanta Custom Signs is Georgia’s hanging sign authority. Our talented design team can handle everything from ideation to installation, or simply point you in the right direction with some helpful advice during your free consultation. We are experts in Atlanta, Georgia’s hanging sign zoning regulations, and offer a wide variety of sign styles and materials.


Custom Hanging Signs in Atlanta, GA


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