How Campus Signage Can Help Students Succeed

How Campus Signage Can Help Students Succeed

Sep 2022

How Campus Signage Can Help Students Succeed

One of the top goals of any college is to assist its students in learning and advancing toward their degrees. That means every decision the school board makes should help further this objective. Even something as seemingly insignificant as signage around campus can help students succeed. Granted, signs won’t directly give them better grades, but they can be a starting point for other factors that can.

They Provide Directions for Students

One of the hardest things for new students is effectively navigating a large campus. Even people who have been around for a few years might have trouble finding a building they’ve never had a class in before. That’s why you need plenty of directional signs to point students in the right direction. This will ensure they arrive at class on time and learn the best routes for getting there in the future.

Of course, directional signage can also point out locations that aren’t buildings. Safety features like emergency call boxes are vital on every college campus. Knowing exactly where to find these stations is essential for overall security, especially at night, so make sure you have plenty of well-lit identification signs.

They Can Help Students Discover Helpful Services

While we’re sure your school provides students with plenty of pamphlets and emails that cover all of your college’s services, we all know that they rarely read through those. That’s why you should put up signs that advertise these services.

For example, a group of students struggling with math might not know that you offer tutoring in the building next to where they live. Setting up high-quality commercial signs advertising this service outside their dorm might solve all their problems.

They Deliver a Sense of Uniformity

One aspect that many people overlook when considering the ways in which campus signage can help their students succeed is school pride. If students are proud to attend your school, they will be much more likely to show up to class and strive to do their best.

One way you can build school pride is by designing your signs in a similar style to create a better sense of uniformity. Of course, you’ll need to follow this up by making all of your aesthetics consistent with each other, but signage is an easy place to start the process.


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