How Indoor Signage Will Help Improve Customer Service

How Indoor Signage Will Help Improve Customer Service

Oct 2022

How Indoor Signage Will Help Improve Customer Service

It’s no secret that strategically placed signs within a business can improve a customer’s experience in many ways. This can even apply to one area of companies that typically experiences the most frustrated customers: customer service. Whenever people have problems that need sorting out, this is where they must go. But how can indoor signage help improve the customer service experience? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out today.

Give Directions

Depending on the size of your store, the customer service area might be difficult for customers to locate or navigate. Fortunately, these sections are usually in the front. But since the people heading there might already be a little frustrated, it’s still a good idea to point out where to go with signs.

Many customer service areas have multiple lines that serve various purposes. Using signs to clearly label each one can save both customers and your staff from lots of headaches. Nothing’s worse than having an angry customer wait in the wrong line, only for them to find out that the employee can’t properly assist them.

Answer Questions

In the world of customer service, employees get asked many questions. Most of the time, these questions are ones that they answer multiple times a day. To reduce the number of times they need to constantly answer them, you could post a sign with a FAQ on it. While these customers will likely still need assistance from one of your employees, you can eliminate the hassle of answering basic questions all the time thanks to this signage.

Set the Mood

Since frustration is one of the more common feelings people in the customer service area tend to have, you can try to use your signage to put them in a calmer mood. Using custom indoor signs will allow you to design them however you see fit. That means you can use soothing colors and graphics to get your message across to viewers, which will hopefully help put them in a better mood.

Increase Brand Loyalty

One thing you should do with all your signs is include your brand in some form. More often than not, people who come to customer service with an issue will leave satisfied. When that’s the case, you want them to remember who made their situation better and did so in a favorable way.

However, this method of using indoor signage to improve your customer service experience only works if you’ve trained your employees well. If they aren’t good at satisfying a customer’s needs, your brand will gain an association with bad customer service. So long as you put in the effort, this tactic can be very effective.


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