How To Build Brand Recognition With Custom Signage

How To Build Brand Recognition With Custom Signage

Figuring out what you want a given sign to look like is only the first step in creating a truly effective fixture. The next thing to consider is how your customers will perceive that sign. Every visual element of your store contributes to the image of your brand, from the branding signage on the awning hanging outside to the counter where the customer speaks face to face with your employees. In every visual element, you have an opportunity to make your brand stick in your customers’ minds.

Play to Your Audience

Branding signage doesn’t do you any good if it just fades into the background with all the other signs your customers see every day. Customizing your signage to speak directly to your target audience will help them remember your brand in a much more personal way. A customized trade show display won’t grab everyone’s attention, but that isn’t what you want it to do. You want your signs to grab the attention of your specific customer base in a way that makes you and your business memorable. By creating signs uniquely suited to your customers, you give them emblems and information for their brains to latch onto.

Brand Cohesion

When we imagine a brand that we consider successful in creating strong brand recognition, we don’t think of the words they use in their marketing efforts. Rather, we remember specific images that we associate with them. When you want to build brand recognition, you need to consider your business’s image as one cohesive unit. When people see your business’s storefront or even just the projecting sign on the building, you want there to be an immediate flash of recognition in your customers’ minds. Having your branding and marketing material support each other in one cohesive unit is the key to cementing this ideal image.

Break the Mold

The goal of customized branding signage is to separate your brand from the rest of the pack. Potential customers see a nearly endless number of advertisements and brands throughout their day. So, it isn’t enough to just look good—you also have to stand out. You want your storefront to stand out enough to make people look away from their daily distractions. You want your car wraps to turn heads as they drive down the street. You want your brand to be the one that stands out in a sea of competitors. By working with Atlanta Custom Signs, you give your business that chance to stand out and make people remember your brand.

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