How to Choose the Best Signage Company for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Signage Company for Your Business

May 2020

How to Choose the Best Signage Company for Your Business

Georgia is opening for business once again. If you were shut down for the last month, you will need to get your customers back into your shop. Spending habits have changed, and people might be reluctant to venture out at first. Now is the time to entice them back and remind them about your business and why it’s phenomenal. Do that with some new outdoor signage and in-store displays advertising specials and deals. Knowing how to choose the best signage company for your business isn’t rocket science—just treat it like you would any business decision. Atlanta Custom Signs is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs and get your business booming once again. With no false modesty, we are the best sign company in Atlanta, GA. Contact us and find out.


Find Someone Local

Using a local sign company keeps your dollars local and contributes to the local economy. Local companies have a unique understanding of the population and what will get their attention. If there is ever a problem, you can simply call or pop into the shop and ask questions. They will be able to respond to any issues you have with the signs and make things right.


Make Sure They Are Reputable

Do your homework before doing business with anyone. That’s simply good policy, and it’s an essential tip to choosing the best signage company for your business. The internet makes it impossible for a company to hide in the shadows and continue to do bad work. Check the Better Business Bureau site to see if there are any pending complaints against them. Then check their Google reviews and anywhere else that people can leave comments. There’s nowhere to hide if you aren’t good at your job.


Check Out Their Portfolio

They will either have a brag book to show you or a ton of signs they did hanging on the walls. Failing that, look at the company website to get an idea of what kind of work they’ve done in the past. Does it fit into your vision? Will they be able to handle your job? Do they have edgy and popular designs? Odds are, they can create something that will fit your brand.


Ask About All the Services They Offer

Ask if they must farm out any part of the process. Do they have their own designers? Do they manufacture everything in house? Do they have services like car wrapping and maintenance? Ask all these questions because you might want something different down the road. You are building a relationship with the sign company, so make sure it’s one that can last for the life of your business with new ideas and products.

Atlanta Custom Signs is your first and last stop for custom signage. We are a local family-owned sign company in Atlanta, GA, and we are ready to help your business grow.


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