How To Communicate With Customers During the Pandemic

How To Communicate With Customers During the Pandemic

Nov 2020

How To Communicate With Customers During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the definition of what’s normal. It’s forced companies to modify their strategies for communicating with their customers dramatically and shift their regular business practices to adapt to people’s changing needs.

Communicating with your customers amid a global pandemic isn’t easy. Thankfully, these tips on how to communicate with customers during the pandemic can help.

Tackle the Issue Head-On

Instead of skirting around the issue at hand, take a head-on approach to address the pandemic. By now, most of the population has accepted it as a part of daily life. They might not take kindly to businesses that appear to be denying—or ignoring—COVID-19’s existence. If your business fails to adapt to these changing times, there could be consequences in the form of lost customers and sales.

Advertising your store packed to the brim with mask-less customers or mentioning services like indoor seating at restaurants and bars can make your company seem insensitive or irrelevant to the times. By altering your marketing content to suit the lifestyle changes your customer have made during the pandemic, you’re putting yourself a step ahead of the competition.

Think About Your Customers’ Needs

Put your customers’ immediate needs at the forefront of your marketing and communication efforts. Provide them with timely information, discounts on essential products or services, and the ability to pick up products curbside or have them shipped securely and safely to their home.

By adjusting your business practices according to your customers’ needs, you’re letting them know that your company cares about their wellbeing, happiness, and time.

Adjust Your Communication and Marketing Strategies

Times have changed, and so should your company’s communication and marketing strategies. Implementing a new approach can benefit your business and its customers alike.

Focus on communicating with your clients authentically, and avoid going overboard with your revised content. Be straightforward and creative with your new marketing and communication approach. Customers will appreciate your honesty and take note of your unique advertisements.

Check in on your customers’ well-being regularly. Showing compassion and humanity can go a long way. Acknowledge the uncertainty of when we’ll return to normal. Let your customers know that you’re working to adapt to their current needs instead of retaining the same old practices and waiting on a miracle.

Consider connecting with your customers in real-time through social media or built-in chats on your company’s website. By providing timely responses to their questions and concerns, you’ll make customers feel valued and increase their level of trust in your brand.

Update Your Website and Storefront

Another tip for how to communicate with customers during the pandemic is to update your website and storefront. Provide routine updates to any changes in the way your business operates. Update your website with your new storefront hours, if they’ve changed, along with modified shipping and delivery techniques. If you anticipate delays in shipping out orders, alert your customers immediately.

There are a few modifications you should make to your physical storefront, too. Signs that inform your customers of safety protocols, among other things, are a valuable tool. Include directional signage that spaces customers a comfortable distance away from each other, directs them to popular products, or informs them of ongoing promotions and sales. This can reduce the amount of contact they’ll need to make with your store’s employees, whether it’s to ask for directions or inquire about a product’s price.

Outdoor signs and banners can let customers know what to expect before they walk through the door.

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