How to Create Effective Signage

How to Create Effective Signage

Jun 2020

How to Create Effective Signage

Simply hanging a sign in your store or on the wall outside isn’t enough. That sign must tell a story, get attention, and have a clear message. There are some tips on how to create effective signage. You’ll know if it’s working when revenue starts going up and traffic in the store does, too. The key to effective marketing is consistency. You want to have a consistent message and style that people can recognize—in other words, you must have a brand.

Stay on Brand

Staying on brand is the most important thing when it comes to marketing your business. Never stray from your brand and always incorporate it into everything you do. Staying within your brand, using the same colors, and being consistent will create brand recognition and loyalty. People will stay with your business if they like what you do and associate your brand with quality.

Grab the Viewer

Give the viewer something to look at. This could be a lot of things like a strong color, a central image, or an offer. Black lettering on a white background isn’t much to look at. You aren’t just competing with other businesses in this day and age. You are also competing with tablets and cellphones for the public’s attention. A person staring at their phone needs something to grab their attention from their tiny screen.

Size it Correctly for the Venue

Don’t try to hang a sign that is too big for the space. Also, don’t hang a sign that is too small for the space. Hanging a 20 in. x 20 in. sign outdoors on the side of a wall won’t get much attention and isn’t the best use of your money. Know where you want the sign to go and then size it accordingly.

Make it Readable

Save the fine print for the clearance sale. Don’t bother putting small words on a sign because most people won’t stop to inspect it. Stick large, easy-to-read fonts that even the old guy with cataracts can see. You can choose a font with some style but primarily stick with block-style letters and avoid the fancy script.

Always Use Graphics

Knowing how to create effective signage is the difference between success and failure. Include graphics in the sign too. That can be a photo, character, or image—whatever best fits your business. Make sure to include something that is on brand and tells people immediately what you do. Even if they don’t read the sign’s message, they will still get important information via an image.

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