How To Customize Your Hanging Sign

How To Customize Your Hanging Sign

Mar 2020

How to Customize Your Hanging Sign

Hanging signs have a number of applications for Georgian-based businesses. Hanging signs often have good visibility and are eye-catching. But that’s not always enough. Your Atlanta-area business needs customized hanging signs.


Hanging signs have some built-in advantages over other signs. A great reason to get a custom hanging sign for your Atlanta-based business is because it increases visibility.


Hanging signs are great for sending messages from a distance and standing out in crowds. Because they are usually installed above eye-level, hanging signs are visible even in densely packed crowds; environments where ground-level signs get lost. Take a projecting sign, for example. If you customize your projecting sign into a hanging sign, you can maximize impressions generated. A custom sign that hangs perpendicular to your storefront facade is nearly impossible to miss from any direction.


Custom hanging signs are popular tools for wayfinding, advertising, and conveying any important commercial information. But they should be customized to fit your Atlanta-area business’s needs.


Hanging signs are incredibly versatile. Let’s say you run a grocery store or drug store in Decatur. Using hanging signs customized to display what items are in each aisle is a classic way to enhance the shopping experience of your customers. But maybe you don’t manage a grocery store in Decatur. Maybe you’re organizing an outdoor event in Decatur. Hanging signs are great outdoors because even a gentle breeze makes them sway and the human eye is attracted to movement. That means your custom hanging sign is noticed by more people than a static sign would be.


We’ve gone over the advantages of having a hanging sign for Atlanta businesses. But how does one go about customizing a hanging sign? What must one keep in mind?


There’s a lot that goes into creating a quality hanging sign and there are many concerns you must go over with a sign design expert. For one, hanging signs need to be customized to indoor or outdoor specifications. What type of mounting should you use? Do you want stylized brackets? What colors or fonts are in-line with your Atlanta or Decatur business’s brand?


But customization isn’t just about aesthetics. You need to make sure your custom hanging sign is safe and compliant with all local zoning regulations. You don’t want to go through all the work of customizing your hanging sign only to find out its size or structure violates a local Decatur or Atlanta ordinance. And you need to make sure it is compliant with all Georgian state or local ADA regulations.

Atlanta Custom Signs Can Design, Manufacture, And Install The Custom Hanging Signs You Need.


Atlanta Custom Signs is Georgia’s hanging sign authority. We can design, manufacturer, and install the custom hanging sign you need as well as ensure it is in compliance with any possibly relevant regulations. Our talented design team can handle everything from ideation to installation, or simply guide you through the process of making a hanging sign to your own custom sign. We are experts in Atlanta, Georgia’s hanging sign zoning regulations, and offer a wide variety of sign styles and materials. To learn more about custom hanging signs, please get in touch with us either through our website or by calling us at 470-355-8170.


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