How to Get Great Reception Signs in Atlanta

How to Get Great Reception Signs in Atlanta

Aug 2019

How to Get Great Reception Signs in Atlanta

When you first meet somebody, especially in a business setting, what do you do? Do you stick your hands in your pockets, look at the ground, and mumble, “Hey”?. No, of course not. You give a firm (but not too firm) handshake, make eye contact, smile, and say, “Hello, nice to meet you, how are you?”. And as this first conversation proceeds, do you then go on to tell them nothing about your business or make confusing statements? No, you try to explain as clearly and concisely as you can what it is you do.

First impressions are important but if you run a business that uses a reception area, you start to make your first impression long before you actually shake hands with a new customer, client, or business partner. This is because your reception area is often where your business makes its first impression on people. And this makes your reception area incredibly important. And this makes receptions area signs incredibly important.

Reception Area Signs

Whether you manage an office building, a business in an office building, a doctor, dental, or other type medical or health practice, a hotel/motel, or any other type of business or organization that has a reception area in Atlanta, you want that area to be inviting, impressive, and easy to navigate. You don’t want people to be intimidated or confused by your reception area. You want them to feel as though they have come to the right place and you can go a long way to creating this feeling by using good reception area signage.

Types Of Reception Area Signs

Most reception area signs are directional or used to identify certain places. The one big outlier to that is a business sign. You probably want to identify your business within your reception area. You can do this in a number of ways. Some popular types of business signs you can use to display the name, logo, and/or slogan or motto of your Atlanta-area business include:

These types of business signs are most commonly placed on a wall behind or near the reception desk or counter, but these aren’t your only options for reception area signs. If you want to go a more unorthodox route, you can use floor or ceiling graphics to identify your business.

Reception Area Directional Signs

Many reception area signs are directional in nature. They help guests find their way through the area. Directional reception area signs might point toward places such as:

  • Elevators
  • Stairwells
  • Entrances / Exits
  • Emergency exits
  • Restrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Halls and event spaces

Then there are directory signs, which are common in reception areas. These can tell patrons which offices to go to in office buildings.

Reception Area Signs In Atlanta

It can be tough to know which reception area signs you need. That is why you should go to a reputable sign studio in Atlanta to collaborate with you on your reception area signage. A sign studio that can suggest all the reception area signs that you need and can design and manufacture said signs for you. In case you were wondering, yes, Atlanta Custom Signs can do all of that for you.

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