How to Improve the Look of your Atlanta Lobby

How to Improve the Look of your Atlanta Lobby

Jun 2019

How to Improve the Look of your Atlanta Lobby

The lobby is an interesting place. It’s not the place where the big decisions are made. It’s not the room where conferences are held and big ideas are dreamt up or important plans put into motion. It’s not where the bigwigs and company executives do their work. In hotels, the lobby isn’t the penthouse suite that makes the big money for the hotel chain. In medical facilities, the lobby is not where important healthcare decisions and procedures take place. And yet, the lobby is, arguably, the most important place of them all.

Why is this? Well, have you ever heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? The lobby is kind of like the first impression that a business, building, or organization gets to make on people. The lobby is the first time people get to “meet” your business in person. It’s kind of like the face of your organization. We humans are great creatures but we can be a bit shallow and we like faces that look good. If you run a business or manage a building in Atlanta, you need to make sure your lobby looks good so you can make a good first impression on customers, clients, and guests.

Lobby signs

One way to improve the look of your Atlanta lobby is with high quality lobby signs. Overall, signs might not seem that important to the look of a lobby. After all, far more space is taken up by floor and ceiling tiles, walls, windows, light fixtures, and furniture. All these things are important, too; your lobby won’t look good if the walls are painted an obnoxious lime green or if your light fixtures are missing half their bulbs no matter what your signage. But lobby signs are far more important than their size because, in actuality, people will spend more time looking at them. You have to look at signs because they have the information you’re seeking. Sure, you’ll see the walls, windows, and floor tiles, but you won’t pay attention to them as you do to lobby signs.

What lobby signs can say

What lobby signs does a business in Atlanta need? What should these lobby signs say? Well, first, if the lobby belongs to a company, the company name should be there, displayed on a sign that is positioned prominently. If the building has multiple tenants, the name of the building or building management can be displayed. Second, if there is a reception desk, there should be a sign that says “Reception”. And then there are the places that need to be identified: restrooms, stairwells, elevators, exits, etc. as well as wayfinding signage helping guests get to all these places. You might need a directory sign displaying which businesses/offices are on each floor. Then there are various miscellaneous signs such as hours of operation, no loitering, no smoking, a welcome sign, and signs giving information about the business or building. And you must make sure that all your pertinent lobby signs comply with the relevant ADA laws in Atlanta and the State of Georgia.

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