How To Turn Your Vehicle into A Mobile Billboard

How To Turn Your Vehicle into A Mobile Billboard

Feb 2020

How To Turn Your Vehicle into A Mobile Billboard

At Atlanta Custom Signs, we get asked what’s the most effective sign. For every business, the answer is different. But for businesses with work vehicles, there is perhaps no more cost-effective form of signage than custom vehicle graphics.


Advertising strategies are tricky in a saturated market such as Atlanta, GA. It’s possible that you’re overlooking a very simple, but very effective form of promotion.

Let’s imagine a hypothetical scenario. You are a roofer in Marietta. Roofing is hard work; you work long days under the frequently hot Georgian sun. You’re good at your job, so your clients often recommend you to their friends, but it’s really difficult to live off of referrals alone. What do you do? Paper all of the Atlanta-area in flyers that people might not even read? Spend a lot of money on a radio ad or even more money on a television ad that people might never see? These forms of marketing might work, but they might not.


No marketing campaign is bulletproof. But ask yourself this question: “How much time do I spend driving around the Atlanta area?”. From Marietta to Atlanta, to Smyrna, to Vinings, crisscrossing Georgia, visiting new job site after job site. All the time commuting is a bummer, right? But what if you can make something out of all that time stuck in traffic on 285 with custom vehicle graphics?


What are your options when it comes to custom vehicle graphics? What are some of the more effective types of vehicle graphics? What will grab people’s attention in the Atlanta area?


By installing custom vehicle graphics on your work vehicle, you turn your truck, van, or car into a mobile billboard. Everybody who sees your vehicle will see your ad. You can generate thousands of impressions everyday just by driving around. But getting seen is only half the battle. How can you make your vehicle graphics effective?


You have several options when it comes to custom vehicle graphics. If you’re on a tight budget, decals and magnets are very affordable. These tend to be smaller scale graphics, but they’re inexpensive and magnets can be put on and removed whenever you want. However, bigger is sometimes better. Vehicle wraps are called such because they “wrap” around the vehicle, making your custom vehicle graphic visible from multiple angles. Vehicle wraps can even incorporate window graphics by using a perforated graphic that allows you to see out the window, but from the outside, the graphic looks solid.


“I manage a business in the Atlanta-area that utilizes a fleet of vehicles. Can I get custom vehicle graphics installed on my entire fleet?”


Not only can you have custom vehicle graphics installed on an entire fleet of vehicles, you absolutely should! Custom vehicle graphics are pretty much must-have for a fleet of vehicles. They make your vehicles identifiable and give your whole business a uniform, professional appearance.

Atlanta Custom Signs

We can work with you on the design of your graphics, advise you on whether a wrap or decal is best for your purposes, and install a high quality and durable custom graphic on your vehicle. If you would like to learn more about custom vehicle graphics you can contact us via our website or call 470-355-8170.


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