What are Custom LED Signs?

They are known by many different names – electronic message centers, digital displays, reader boards or electronic signs, just to name a few. Whatever you call them, it is our mission to help you feel confident and educated before you buy. Double sided, single face, wall-mount or monument, an outdoor digital sign can make a huge impact on your business signage. An LED sign is a technical product, but choosing a manufacturer and sign company partner isn’t a tough task if you do a bit of research first.

There is no doubt that Atlanta Custom Signs’ LED signs are the most eye-catchy and can serve many purposes for your business! They can be displayed inside our outdoor of your shop and transmit to your potential and existing customers various types of message: simple text, realistic photo graphics, animations or even full video!

Types of LED Signs

Indoor Message Boards

Reliable and economic, indoor LED signs are ideal for plazas and shopping centers. They are less bright than semi-outdoor LED moving boards, therefore not suitable as street signs.

Outdoor LED panels

Outdoor LED panels are manufactured to withstand extreme outdoor conditions such as large temperature variations, rain, snow, and dust.

Semi Outdoor Electronic Signs

Ideal to put in your window facing the street. Luminous and visible, even on bright sunny days, they will attract the attention of your potential customers.

Tri-Color LED Signs

Featuring a triad of vibrant colors—red, green, and yellow—the tri-colored LED signs let you communicate with consumers using text messages, simple graphics, and animations.

LED Signs Features

Easy to Install

You may place your LED sign wherever you want and manage your messages with your user-friendly wireless keyboard or using your computer.

Cost effective

LED signs are proven to be durable, reliable and versatile advertising tool having the highest marketing ROI (return of investment).

Adjustable to any needs

LED signs come in all sized and shapes. Your advertising company with your LED sign will exactly suit your needs.


LED moving signs can increase your sales by 30% or more. They are proven to dramatically increase the visibility of your business.

What are LED Signs For?

For businesses, churches and schools, LED signs are the most effective, least expensive form of advertising for small businesses according to the Small Business Administration (SBA). A Watchfire LED sign gives you the ability to target a large, critical audience of potential customers already at your front door for far less than a traditional advertising campaign would cost.

Advertising value is traditionally measured in CPM, or cost per thousand impressions. In a typical American town, an LED sign might cost as little as 74 cents per 1,000 impressions — compared to over 22 dollars for television and 13 dollars for radio. Many organizations find they can reduce their advertising budgets for other mediums by better utilizing their business sign. Adding an outdoor digital sign is like having your own media outlet right in front of your business.

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Not just another sign company, Atlanta Custom Signs wants to be your go-to local sign expert. We’ll walk you through your LED design to determine the best look for your brand. LED signs are custom built, so you get a unique look that’s all you.

We use only quality materials for all our LED Signs. We provide exceptional customer service at every level, over the phone or online.

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