Marketing Your Restaurant with a Vehicle Wrap

Marketing Your Restaurant with a Vehicle Wrap

Sep 2020

Marketing Your Restaurant with a Vehicle Wrap

Full vehicle wraps have quickly become a popular and effective way to advertise a business. Restaurants have always been big believers in vehicle advertising, especially those with a large delivery presence. Plus, the rise of the food truck industry has made this marketing tactic even more visible. Delivery drivers and food trucks rely on the visibility of their vehicles for advertising, so it pays to have an eye-catching fleet. Marketing your restaurant with a vehicle wrap means 24/7 advertising and brand awareness.

What Are Your Marketing Needs?

Take a good look at your marketing and advertising needs. Do you know what they are, and do you have a plan? If not, then come up with one soon. Knowing what your marketing plan needs could be as simple as targeting your existing customers or finding new ones. Ultimately, the end goal is to grow the business via marketing and brand awareness. Restaurants are the definition of local, even hyper-local; their customers are drawn from the immediate area. Wrapping a vehicle (or several) is a great way to get the name out there. With every delivery, people are exposed to the restaurant’s name and contact information. Even when not making deliveries and sitting in the parking lot, they are marketing the business.

Decide on a Design

When marketing your restaurant with a vehicle wrap, the design of the wrap is important. A car or truck is a big canvas that you can load a lot of information and graphics on. However, it’s important to not overload the car with so much information that everything becomes muddled and muted. Keeping the layout clean, concise, on message, and interesting is important and achievable. An experienced wrapping company such as Atlanta Custom Signs, with an inhouse designer, will know how to layout the images and lettering so it is clear and attention-getting.

Fleet Wrap Design

If your restaurant is so big and popular that you have a fleet of delivery drivers, congratulations! It’s important to keep the design of every car you are wrapping consistent. Having them all look the same will create brand awareness among the populace. Small changes between vehicles are okay as long as key elements are kept uniform. Factors such as color, fonts, and images should be kept consistent so people know what business the vehicle belongs to when they see it.

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