Monument Signs

Monument Signs Atlanta, Georgia

Monument Signs

Custom monument signs are grand, eye-catching tools that business owners use to make big impressions in any industry.


Monument Signs in Atlanta, Georgia, are commonly used by:


  • Hotels and motels
  • Corporate business centers
  • Shopping centers
  • Churches
  • Offices buildings
  • Parking lots
  • Plazas
  • Gas stations and rest stops
  • Stand-alone retail stores


At Atlanta Custom Signs, your monument sign design is limited only by your imagination. You have almost limitless options when it comes to picking the monument sign color, images, font, and layout. There is also a wide variety of monument sign materials to choose from, each of which have their own pros and cons.


Popular Monument Sign Materials Include:


  • Foam. Believe it or not, foam–specifically expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam–is one of the most popular monumental sign materials on the market. Foam can be customized, textured, and treated with a veneer to create the classic look of stone masonry, without the hard labor or high price. It is lightweight, durable, and impervious to water damage and rot.
  • Plastics. Plastics like acrylic and high-density urethane can be use to create any shape or sign design you can imagine. If you envision an intricate sign, plastic might be the best option. Plastics can be manufactured in every color to match any building material or logo palette.
  • Concrete. Mounting your sign with concrete makes for a heavy, stable monument that will stand up to harsh weather for decades. If you’re outsourcing installation and transportation, beware–concrete is much more expensive to work with than faux stone and foam.
  • Brick. Brick can be used as the base and framing for your sign. It is strong and durable, and makes for a perfect material match when advertising for brick buildings.
  • Wood. Wood. Certain properties, such as hotels, country resorts, and historic churches, may choose wooden monument signs to maintain a rustic and traditional feel.


But before you even think about the materials and logo design, you’ll need to research relevant zoning laws and secure proper permits for your monument signs in Atlanta, Georgia. Given their considerable size and weight, monument signs are governed by strict installation standards and material/size requirements. Make sure you study these regulations–or find someone who knows the local law inside out–before you start your design. But don’t worry: Atlanta Custom Signs is fluent in Atlanta, Georgia sign law, so we can get started on your monument right away.


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