Open for Business? Say it with a Sign

Open for Business? Say it with a Sign

Jan 2020

Open for Business? Say it with a Sign

If you run a retail store here in the Atlanta area of Georgia, you need a way to tell people whether your business is open or closed. The same is true for Atlanta salons, barbershops, restaurants, bars, and any other type of business that deals with customers and clients walking into your business. What is the simplest and most effective ways of doing this? With a sign. And open and closed signs for businesses are easy enough to get. But it would behove you to put a little thought into the open and closed sign for your business. This article will explain why.


Open And Closed Signs For Businesses

If your storefront is the face of your business then your front door is the mouth. It’s not just the mouth to your building it’s where the facade of your business can say the most. One thing your front door often says (or should say) is whether or not you are currently open. Don’t make potential customers peer inside your business to see if the lights are on. Tell them plainly with an open and closed sign for your business.


Hours Of Operation Sings

The sign on your front door can say a lot more than just whether or not you’re open for business, of course. Many open and closed signs also display your business hours. Including the hours of operation on your open and closed sign is a good idea. This way, if somebody comes by after hours or on a day that you are closed, they’ll know when to come back because they know when you’ll be open again.


Be Right Back Signs

A slight variation of the open and closed for business sign is the “Be Right Back” sign. You can use this sign when you’ve stepped out temporarily. It’s great for businesses where there is only one staff member at a given time. This way, if you break for lunch, leave to get something, or have to use the restroom, you can put this sign up. Sometimes the sign will say “Be Back In…” and then have a spinning counter to display the number of minutes you suspect you will be away.


Custom Open And Closed Signs For Businesses

All of these are pretty standard business signs. What is there really to know about them? Well, what you should know is that you should get a customized open and closed for business sign. Many businesses underestimate just how important customized signage can be. Competition for people’s attention is tough in a big city like Atlanta. You need your business to stand out. You need your business to have a clear identity.


If you buy all your signage from some bargain basement store, your business is going to look cheap and thrown together. It’s like decorating a room with random stuff you picked out at flea markets or off the side of the road. It’s very difficult to have a cohesive aesthetic with this approach. But if you get your signage made custom for you –including your open and closed for business sign– then you can be sure that all of your signage represents your brand appropriately.


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