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Open-for-business signs welcome your customers, which is essential in the fight for foot traffic. Many customers won’t enter a business without an open sign with business hours—even with the lights on and people inside–in case the staff they see are performing after-hours duties. Atlanta Custom Signs creates open-for-business signs to attract business in Atlanta.


Open for Business Sign Considerations


When designing your open for business signs in Atlanta, Georgia, a number of considerations must be made, including:


  • Does your business operate at night? If so, it’s imperative that you illuminate your custom open sign. Some business owners may have adequate visibility from lampposts and indoor lighting, but others will need to explore different options, such as radioluminescence, photoluminescence, and electric lighting.
  • Color scheme. Colors trigger an emotional response in passersby–what do your colors say about your brand? You will also need to choose a color scheme that creates adequate contrast for easy reading for your custom open sign in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Your font choice says a lot about your business, and greatly affects readability. Make sure you choose something on-brand and easy to read when designing an open-for-business sign in Atlanta.
  • Business logo. Will you include your business logo, or will your open sign be mounted near your brand’s main open sign with business hours signage? If you want to incorporate your logo, be sure you have adequate room.
  • Shape and size. We specialize in outdoor LED open signs for business throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and we can create practically any shape and size you can imagine. Space considerations aside, the shape and size you choose can say a lot about your brand.


Atlanta Custom Signs is Open for Business


To explore our full custom open sign catalog along with an exhaustive list of color, material, and style options available in the Atlanta area, call 470-355-8170. Welcome your guests and customers with a quality indoor or outdoor open for business sign that will showcase your business. We’ll work with you to create an ideal sign that will fit your wants and needs. No matter what type of open for business sign you’re looking for, we have something for everyone. A dedicated team of representatives is standing by to help you design the perfect custom open sign in Atlanta, Georgia.

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