Options for Portable Outdoor Signs

Options for Portable Outdoor Signs

Dec 2019

Options for Portable Outdoor Signs

Organizing an outdoor event or arranging an outdoor space is no easy task. We take for granted how many variables an indoor setting eliminates. Wind, rain, sun bleaching, uneven ground, a lack of infrastructure, and even the occasional snow can all wreak havoc on outdoor events in Atlanta and elsewhere in Georgia. This is true for signage as well. You can’t just buy all the same signs you would for an indoor space if you’re organizing an outdoor event. Especially if you need to be able to move those signs around. Here are some of your options for portable outdoor signs.


Yard Signs

There are plenty of yard signs you can get to promote your business on the lawn in front of your business or the parking lot. But you don’t need those signs to be portable. When running an outdoor event or a series of outdoor events you have different concerns. Obviously, your portable outdoor signs need to be smaller. You can’t be dragging a tall pole sign to all of your events around the Atlanta area. So what are your realistic options for a yard sign?


Post And Panel Signs

Some post and panel signs are formidable structures made with thick wooden posts or metal framing. But they don’t have to be. You can use a smaller post and panel sign with a thin metal structure that allows you to move it from place to place. Such signs a very popular in the real estate sign. Realtors are some of the biggest users of portable outdoor signs. Some realtors and some properties call for larger, more elaborate outdoor signs, but even these, ultimately, have to be taken down and repurposed somewhere else.


Sidewalk Signs

Portable outdoor signs aren’t only located on lawns; the sidewalk is another common location for portable outdoor signs. Restaurants, bars, retail stores, salons, barbershops, and all other kinds of businesses all over the Atlanta area use sidewalk signs. They’re very convenient and practical because you can bring them outside at the start of the business day and bring them back in at night. There are many different types of sidewalk signs including A-frame signs, A-boards, T-base, swinging, pavement signs, message boards, and chalkboard signs.


Chalkboard signs are popular with restaurants and bars. How many Atlanta restaurants have you walked by with a chalkboard A-frame sign on the sidewalk? These are ideal outdoor signs because they are lightweight, portable, sturdy, and the chalkboard surface allows you to write a new message every day or whenever you want. Write today’s special or a witty slogan to get people to come inside.



We haven’t even delved into the wide-world of banners yet! Banners are some of the most popular portable outdoor signs. They come in large and smaller sizes, vertical and horizontal orientations, and some even come with their own stands. If your outdoor event has a structure from which you can hang a large banner, like the baseball fence at a Johns Creek school for the annual fall fair, then you can get a large banner and affix it to that. Otherwise, smaller, vertical banners are best because they come with their own stands. These banners can even retract into their stand for maximum portability and can be tapered to reduce wind resistance.


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