Custom Projecting Signs in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Custom Projecting Business Signs

Projecting Signs

Custom projecting business signs in Atlanta are a type of exterior signage that extends away from the building at a perpendicular angle to maximize visibility from all directions.


Historically, projecting business signs appeared most often in downtown areas, historical districts, and shopping centers. But today businesses of all types are recognizing the unique benefits projecting signs provide.


Projecting signs are typically mounted high above the storefront and are installed in such a way that they jut out over the sidewalk. Since they’re well above eye-level, these signs remain highly visible even at great distances. And unlike ground-level signage, projecting business signs are never at risk of being obstructed by heavy foot traffic, passing vehicles, or competitors’ marketing materials.


Due to their unique perpendicular display, projecting signs effectively double your impression-making opportunities by doubling the angle at which your signage is visible. Now customers who would pass your business without ever seeing the storefront can take in your message and act accordingly.


Custom Projecting Business Signs


Atlanta Custom Signs offers complete customization for all projecting business signs. So long as your design specs comply with your local zoning regulations, the color, image, materials, text, shape, and size are completely up to you.


But don’t think that means you have to design your sign alone. Our talented design team is standing by to assist you with everything from creative ideation to final installation. We provide as much or as little guidance as you need and deliver high-quality projecting sign products on-time and on-budget.


Custom Projecting Business Signs in Atlanta, GA


To learn more about designing custom projecting business signs in the Atlanta area, start a free consultation with our team at 470-355-8170.