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Inadequate restroom signage can put customers, employees, and visitors in an uncomfortable position, and expose your business to legal risks.


Atlanta Customs Signs can help. Our design and installation team has helped businesses throughout the Atlanta area offer better bathroom amenities and stay compliant with state and federal regulations.


Restroom Sign Design in Atlanta, GA


As with most signage, a lot goes into restroom sign design. The best restroom signs for businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, contribute to your overall branding, perhaps with company colors or graphics, while still being prominent, eye-catching, and unmistakable as bathroom signage. Striking a balance between function and form isn’t easy.


Furthermore, because restrooms qualify as “permanent spaces,” all restroom signs must adhere to accessibility standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The act was ratified in the 1990s to guarantee equal access to buildings, products, and services for individuals living with disabilities.


ADA guidelines affect restroom sign design and installation. Specifically, restroom signs must include:

  • Legible fonts, such as non-decorative serif
  • Strong contrast between characters and backgrounds to enhance readability
  • Contracted Braille (formerly called Grade 2 Braille), raised text, and/or graphics


Restroom signs must also meet specific installation standards. For example, ADA-compliant restroom signs must be mounted on the latch side of the door between 48-60”, measured from the finished floor to the bottom line of text. Signs with tactile characters must be mounted so that a clear floor space of 18” x 18” is provided beyond the arc of the door swing.


At Atlanta Custom Signs, our design team works closely with every client to develop restroom signs for businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, that are both on-brand and ADA-compliant. We combine the best materials, cutting-edge equipment, and fresh design concepts to bring your vision to life.


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