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Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are a great way to capitalize on foot traffic to attract new customers and get the word out about your business.


The term “sidewalk sign” refers to all kinds of temporary displays that are made of rigid materials, capable of standing on their own supports, and fold up for easy storage and transport, including A-frame signs, A-boards, T-base, swinging, pavement signs, message boards, and chalkboard signs.


Because they sit directly in the line of sight of passersby, sidewalk signs are tough to miss. This makes them the perfect tool for high-impact local marketing, whether you’re announcing your restaurant’s exciting soup of the day, or directing people towards in-store sales that wouldn’t otherwise be visible from the street.


Sidewalk Sign Options in Redan, GA


What type of sidewalk sign is best for you?


Traditional folding A-boards made out of rugged polyethylene are light, portable, and able to stand up to harsh weather. In windy areas, you may need to weigh plastic signs down.


Metal signs allow you to mount posters and inserts behind clear protective lenses. These are heavy with good stability and more options in terms of stylization.


T-base signs are double-sided displays mounted on a wide, sturdy base that gets its name from its signature “T” shape. Most are already weighed down, and offer a PVC lens to protect the underlying graphics. Springs support the sign frame and help prevent tipping in windy conditions.


Swinging sidewalk signs hold the graphics from the top only, allowing your sign to sway gently in the wind. Since the human eye is conditioned to lock onto movement, swinging signs can help grab the attention of passersby.


Once you’ve chosen your materials and style, you’ll also need to decide how you message is displayed. You can choose from standard poster frames, dry erase boards, chalkboards, message/letter boards, and more.


But all this assumes that you’ve already got your custom sidewalk sign design fleshed out.


Sidewalk Sign in Redan, GA

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