Signs You Should Consider for Your Atlanta Lobby

Signs You Should Consider for Your Atlanta Lobby

Jul 2019

Signs You Should Consider for Your Atlanta Lobby

Lobbies are important places. You might think that they are just a way point; a place through which people pass to visit the business, hotel room, or conference center that is their destination. But lobbies are more than this. The first time you enter a big building or office, what do you see? Often it’s the lobby. The lobby is where many of your guests meet your business for the first time, so it’s important that it not only looks as good as possible, but that it also represents your brand appropriately. And a big part of the aesthetics of your lobby is your lobby signage. Here are some signs you should consider for your Atlanta lobby.

Lobby signs

Lobby signs are important for two reasons: One, they impart necessary information to guests, and two, they provide good opportunities for your business to subtly communicate its brand. We will go over the kinds of information that lobby signs traditionally convey in a moment, but first let’s discuss how you can communicate anything about your brand with a lobby sign. What can a sign that says “restrooms” possibly say beyond, you know, “restrooms”?

Lobby signs allow you to subtly show off your brand’s identity. You can do this with your use of colors, fonts, shapes, and materials. Is your Atlanta-area business one that prides itself on professionalism? Engraved signs on brass or fine woods conveys professionalism very well. Is your business one that relies on fun and creativity? Colorful signs and atypical fonts or sign shapes can show off the uniqueness and free-spiritedness of your business. To figure out how best to convey your brand’s personality, you should work with a respected Atlanta sign and graphic studio that knows how to get your identity across.

Types of Lobby Signs

But what are the signs that you actually need in the lobby of your Atlanta business? Well, every lobby and every business is different, so it depends on your situation. But some common lobby signs include:

  • Reception desk/area signs
  • Elevator signs
  • Stairwell signs
  • Entrance/Exit signs
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Restroom signs
  • Directory signs
  • Ceiling graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Wall graphics
  • Various wayfinding signage
  • A business name/logo sign, often displayed behind the reception desk, or maybe even as a floor graphic.
  • And more!

Lobby Signs for Atlanta Businesses

Whether it’s the grand lobby of a luxury hotel, the lobby of a midrise office building, or the lobby of small medical practice, every lobby has its role to play in how its business interacts with the world. And a big part of a lobby’s identity is its signage. This is why you should take your lobby signs seriously. You can’t just go to a dollar store and buy restrooms and exit signs and expect your lobby to look good. You need well-made, custom designed lobby signs if you want your business to put its best foot forward.

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