Monument Signs in Smyrna, GA

Monument Signs in Smyrna, GA

Custom Monument Signs in Smyrna, GA

Monument signs identify buildings and businesses. Some buildings are far away from the nearest street or walkway. Businesses in Smyrna, GA, that are far from the street can install a monument sign closer to the street. 


Types of Monument Signs in Smyrna, GA

Monument signs range from the utilitarian to the impressive. A monument sign can be a wooden post and panel sign or a pillar-like sign made of brick, stone, or a number of other materials. Monument signs that list a number of different businesses that occupy a building (such as in a mall or mini-mall) are called tenant signs. Sometimes a monument sign will have a light fixture installed at the foot it to illuminate it at night. 


What are Monument Signs for?

Passing pedestrians and motorists are often not be able to identify a building or business all the way from the street. Monument signs are placed close by the street so that anybody passing by can easily read it. 


Features of Monument Signs

Monument signs feature the names of buildings or businesses and can also incorporate logos and slogans. For example, a retail store situated off of I-285 here in Smyrna is probably a distance from the highway. To increase their visibility to passing drivers, the store should install a big, bold, monument sign.


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