What are Store Front Signs?

A storefront sign gives your store a good first impression and ensures that people can see your business day or night. There are various options in terms of materials, size, and design. Because your signage is one of the first things a potential customer sees, you must choose one that reflects your brand, products, and services.

In addition to the main sign for your storefront, you may want to display sales, special events, or other advertisements in your windows or on the sidewalk. We have a team of expert signage consultants who can help you with the creation of your customized storefront signs. If you want to discuss more the sign related services we offer, give us a call today.

Types of Storefront Signs

Fabric Storefront Sign

Fabric signs can be colorful and unique, but they require more upkeep and replacement compared to more durable materials.They can be as simple as a banner for food kiosks or built-in into framed lightboxes for larger retail stores. The lightbox makes it easy for customers to read your store name at night.

Plywood Storefront Sign

Plywood signs are affordable and simple, yet elegant. These signs are subject to weather damage, and may need to be replaced frequently.Painted plywood signs are ideal for restaurants who want to give their storefront an old-fashioned feel. It can also work for upscale retailers looking to give their business a bespoke look or boutiques going for a rustic theme.

Painted Glass Storefront Sign

If you are looking for a low-cost, yet attractive and distinctive option, use your store’s windows as the canvas for your sign. A possible drawback could be lack of visibility from the street, as the sun’s glare diminishes the visibility of your design. We often see painted glass on restaurants or cafès, so you might want to test this type of store sign if you own a similar business.

Punched Metal Signboard/Laser Cut Storefront Sign

Also called laser cut signs, these durable and weather-resistant signs can offer a clean and modern feel or a historic flavor, depending on the design. Depending on the design, punched metal sign boards can be used by businesses that want a sleek, modern sign or a retro storefront display.

Storefront Signs Features

Increased visibility

When you need to convey an important message, Storefront Signs exceptional visibility guarantees more impressions than traditional signage.


When you have a well-designed sign outside your storefront, it gives prospective customers a better idea about what your business deals in. Statistics state that it almost 70% of consumers in America purchased a service or product because the business’ sign attracted their attention.

Long lifespans

Our Storefront Signs have long life spans.


Storefront Signs are highly durable signs.

What are Storefront Sign For?

Storefront Signs are there to utilize your exterior space by creating unique and creative retail signage to promote products & services, offer privacy, or add decorative finishes.

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