The 411 on Sidewalk Signs

The 411 on Sidewalk Signs

Jun 2019

The 411 on Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs have long been a favorite method of Atlanta-area businesses to attract attention and bring in new customers. Like many of the best signs, sidewalk signs are elegant in their simplicity; they offer a lot of benefits with very few drawbacks. But this is not to say you can just slap your business’s name on a sidewalk sign and expect a dramatic increase in revenue. There are certain things you should know about sidewalk signs in order to get the most out of your sidewalk sign and help your Atlanta business.

Sidewalk Signs in Atlanta

As with many metropolitan hubs, Atlanta is a difficult city for businesses to establish a foothold in because there’s always plenty of competition. Attracting customers to your business is key but few small businesses have much money in their marketing budget. Keeping it simple –and low cost– is often the best strategy. Given this, it’s amazing how many Atlantans don’t realize that signage can be a form of marketing and promotion. And frequently, a very effective and inexpensive form of marketing at that.

The sidewalk sign is a great example of this. A well-made sidewalk sign is like having a guy out on the street telling passersby, “Hey, come on into this business”, except cheaper and far less annoying. Sidewalk signs have always been popular with restaurants, cafés, and bars who often use the chalkboard variation of the sidewalk sign on which they can write their daily specials. But sidewalk signs can be just as useful to other types of businesses by alerting people of the business’s location there as well as inform them of things like sales and similar events. Sidewalk signs are ideal for businesses situated on streets with heavy foot traffic.

The make of a sidewalk sign

Sidewalk signs are portable and temporary rigid displays that stand on their own supports, and fold up for easily. Popular types of sidewalk signs include: A-frame signs, A-boards, T-base signs, swinging signs, pavement signs, message boards, and chalkboard signs.

Traditional folding A-boards are typically made out of rugged polyethylene and are light, portable, and able to withstand harsh weather. However, in windy areas, you may need to weigh plastic signs down. Metal signs allow you to mount posters and inserts behind clear protective lenses. This gives you more versatility and reusability and because they are heavy, they are more stable.

T-base signs are double-sided displays mounted on a wide, sturdy base has a “T” shape (hence the name). Most T-base sidewalk signs are already weighed down, and offer a PVC lens to protect the underlying graphics. Springs support the sign frame and help prevent tipping in windy conditions. Swinging sidewalk signs hold the graphics from the top only, allowing them to gently swing in the breeze. This is advantageous because the human eye is drawn to movement, so swinging sidewalk signs attract more attention. However, if your business is situated in one of the wind tunnels that downtown Atlanta seems to create, you might want a sturdier sidewalk sign.

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