The Benefits of Hanging Signs

The Benefits of Hanging Signs

Aug 2019

The Benefits of Hanging Signs

Hanging signs can be really useful signs to have for your Atlanta-based business or organization. Hanging signs can be used for promotional, branding, advertising, wayfinding, or other functional purposes. Sometimes hanging signs are the best option simply because of the geography of your business or establishment; it’s the sign that fits into the space you have the best. Other times you will be faced with a choice between a hanging sign and another type of sign. In such cases, why choose a hanging sign? What are the benefits of hanging signs?

Benefits Of Hanging Signs

Perhaps the main benefit of the hanging sign, at least when it is installed outdoors, is movement. The human eye is attracted to movement. It’s an evolutionary trait we developed to be more aware of our surroundings. Thankfully, in modern day Atlanta we don’t need to be particularly worried about large, predatory cats stalking us for their dinner. But our instincts are such that when we see a sign swaying in the breeze, our minds will take note of it. It is because of this reason that a hanging sign is likely to generate more impressions than the exact same sign panel installed on a static type of sign structure.

Hanging Signs Outdoors In Atlanta, Ga

The ideal weather condition for a hanging sign is a gentle breeze. Windy enough that the sign sways elegantly, but not so blustery as to make the sign illegible due to excess movement. But of course, weather conditions in and around Atlanta are not always ideal. That is why you should work with an Atlanta-based sign studio who can manufacture a durable and stable hanging sign. You need a hanging sign that can stand up to the elements by avoiding rusting in the pouring rain, maintaining a relatively stable position on windy days, and using high quality materials that can resist sun bleaching.

Types Of Hanging Signs

There isn’t just one type of hanging sign, but several different variations you can choose from for your Atlanta-area business or event. Different types of hanging signs include:

  • Post and panel hanging signs – maybe the most common type of hanging sign hangs the sign panel from a horizontal crossbar held in place by two vertical posts. The panel is usually suspended by a chain or a cable. Post and panel hanging signs can be used as a high quality form of real estate sign or can be used for outdoor events and outdoor business spaces.
  • Pole hanging sings – A hanging sign can be attached to a tall pole. Most often these types of hanging signs are oriented vertically with the sign panel attached to the pole by two chains, cables, or lengths of twine at the top and bottom of the sign panel, much like a flag on a flag pole.
  • Projecting hanging signs – Projecting signs project out from the surface of a building, typically the storefront, so that people walking or driving from either direction can see the sign and identify the business. You can hang the sign panel from the horizontal projecting sign bracket.
  • Indoor hanging sings – Indoors, hanging signs are most often used to identify where certain products can be found. They are often hung from the ceiling in grocery stores and pharmacies.

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