The Benefits of Having an Awning Sign

The Benefits of Having an Awning Sign

Sep 2019

The Benefits of Having an Awning Sign

Many businesses in Atlanta and elsewhere in Georgia have awnings. But an awning without a sign is kind of like listening to music to on the tiny speaker that comes with an inexpensive laptop or small device. Sure, you can hear the music, but it’s only fulfilling a small portion of its potential. Wouldn’t you rather listen to your favorite song on great speakers with full bass and surround sound? An awning sign can be the visual equivalent of that for signage. This article will detail some of the benefits of having an awning sign for your Atlanta business.

Awnings In Atlanta, GA

You can’t always count on the weather to be kind to your business in Atlanta, or anywhere in Georgia, for that matter. It gets hot here, we all know that. Do you really want to be spending a fortune on air conditioning in the summer as the sun washes over your business and makes things uncomfortably hot for your customers and staff? Of course not. Putting up an awning to keep the sun off is an inexpensive way to cool things do. During other times of the year, it rains a lot. Are you going to make the patrons of your café enjoy their cappuccinos in cold, drizzling rain? No, put up an awning to give them some cover. And if you’re going to put up an awning, then, frankly, you’d be foolish not print a sign on your awning.

Awning Signs In Atlanta, GA

An awning sign performs several different functions: identification, branding, and promotion. First, you have to identify your business to the world. People have to know where your business is in order to patronize it. Furthermore, you can entice people inside by simply announcing that you are there. Awnings are great but they often obscure the rest of your storefront. That is why your awning is the most prominent place to display your sign. State the name of your business along with maybe a slogan, logo, and telephone number.

Awning signs also brand the space around your business as being yours. If you run a restaurant, pub, or café with a patio, you want people to know the area around your business is yours. An awning sign will do just that. Lastly, you want your awning sign to be attractive so people will want to come inside and give you their business. Your awning sign should be inviting, eye-catching, and on brand.

Custom Awning Signs In Atlanta, GA

A standard, run-of-the-mill awning sign won’t achieve the above goals very well. You need an awning sign that is tailored to your business. Unique, custom awning signs should be designed and manufactured with your business in mind. Your awning sign should be instantly recognizable as belonging to your business and nobody else’s.

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