The Effectiveness of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

The Effectiveness of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Dec 2021

The Effectiveness of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

One of the most difficult parts of marketing is determining how successful your various campaigns are. There are a lot of factors that go into determining how much of a difference it made in your sales. Despite that, the effectiveness of commercial vehicle wraps is pretty easy to figure out. This is why we want to help you out by reviewing them with you today.

The Number of People Who Will See It

Vehicle wraps commonly get compared to standard billboards. This is because the majority of people who’ll see either of these advertisements will be driving in their car. Billboards have the advantage of being high up so many passersby will see them, whereas vehicle wraps will get obscured by other cars.

However, the huge advantage that car ads have is that they can move around town. Billboards can only get seen by those who travel through the area they’re in, while vehicle wraps can be seen in many places. Any time one of your company cars is on the road, it’ll be advertising to anyone driving around that day.

How Memorable It Is

Your car ads need to attract people’s attention. Having a simple sticker with your company name and phone number on it isn’t going to cut it. Even if someone notices it, the chance of them remembering it later is quite slim. If you manage to capture their attention with a bright graphic or a flashy color scheme, they will be more likely to remember you when they need your type of service.

The Cost-To-Sales Ratio

The most important factor to consider when figuring out the effectiveness of commercial vehicle wraps is the cost-to-sales ratio. You must make sure the increase in sales you get from them is higher than the reoccurring payments you make to keep them active.

Luckily, this hurdle isn’t an issue when you use vehicle wraps because you’re advertising on your own property. After you make the upfront payment, your costs are over. You could theoretically make one extra sale a month off of your car, and it would probably still be worth the investment in the long run.

If commercial vehicle lettering sounds like a marketing avenue you’d like to pursue, reach out to us. We do it all when it comes to vehicle wraps, and we take the steps needed to ensure you get your money’s worth when getting the work done through us.


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