The Importance of Hotel Lobby Design

The Importance of Hotel Lobby Design

Feb 2021

The Importance of Hotel Lobby Design

Your hotel’s lobby area is one of the most critical parts of the entire building. It can leave guests impressed, or, in a worst-case scenario, disappointed. When guests come and visit your establishment, they spend more time looking around the lobby than you’d think. Let’s learn more about the importance of hotel lobby design, and why an attractive lobby could be the key to attracting new customers and convincing existing customers to come back.

Your First Impression Is Important

The lobby is your guest’s first glimpse of your establishment. If it makes a positive first impression, they’ll be thrilled to see the rest of the hotel. If a guest’s first impression is a negative one, they might dread the rest of their stay. By making your lobby area one that’s bright and welcoming, you can improve your guests’ overall experience, and convince them to come back at a later date with friends, family, or coworkers.

It Can Make Things Easier for Guests

Making your lobby accessible as well as beautiful can make the start of someone’s stay a lot more pleasant. On a busy day, your hotel lobby might be packed. People are rushing to check in or check out, or they’re filing out the doors so they can go and sightsee. You can make this process easier by ensuring the concierge and front desk are accessible. Your front desk shouldn’t be too high or too low. There should always be a concierge available, and the people operating the front office should be friendly, accommodating, and helpful.

It’s Where People Like To Socialize

When it comes to socialization, the importance of hotel lobby design can’t be understated. If one of your guests is organizing a day trip or a night out, they’re bound to plan last-minute details with their friends and family in the lobby. On top of that, there’s only so much a hotel room can provide. If your guests are looking for food, amenities, or socialization, expect them to congregate in your lobby. The same goes for when they’re checking in or out or waiting for friends. No one likes waiting, but doing it in a comfortable, accessible, and beautiful lobby can help.

The best investment a hotel owner can make is refreshing their lobby design. Refreshing your lobby doesn’t need to be complicated, or involve long, arduous construction projects. To make a dark lobby brighter, you can hang up new lighting or invest in thin, sheer curtains. Are the walls bare? Liven them up with colorful and well-designed wall graphics. If you’re in need of wall graphics in Atlanta, come check out Atlanta Custom Signs. We’re the number one place to find indoor signs, outdoor signs, and vehicle wraps in Atlanta.


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